Frequently Asked Questions on Lower Limb Orthotics

What type of lower limb orthotics are required to treat ankle sprains?

Ankle Support braces are designed specially for treatment of chronic ankle sprains ans strains. Ankle supports may be semi-rigid , rigid, gel or air orthosis.

What are Ankle-Foot Orthosis (AFO''s)?

Ankle-Foot Orthoses (AFOs) are provide support and proper joint alignment to the foot or ankle. AFOs assist or substitute for muscle weakness while protecting the foot and lower limb.

What is the use of lower extremity walker boots?

Walker boots have a solid or articulating ankle joint. These boots are used to treat injuries, fractures, chronic conditions or disease. Each orthosis comes with a removable inner lining in order to protect the skin from breakdown, malleolar (ankle) pads added stability and comfort, and a rocker bottom sole that provides for smooth walking pattern.

What is a Knee Immobilizer?

Knee immobilizers designed to stabilize and immobilize the lower extremity and knee, post-surgery or during the acute stage of knee injuries.

What are hip orthotics ?

Hip orthotics are used to maintain appropriate anatomical alignment of the hip or prosthetic hip replacement. Hip orthosis is generally adjustable and allow for some degree of flexion and abduction. Hip braces are also used to treat Hip Dislocation.