Frequently Asked Questions on Arm Slings

When is an arm sling used?

An arm sling or hand immobilizer is a bandage used to support an injured arm that may be due to conditions like a strain, surgery, dislocation or fracture.

Do arm slings work for broken collarbone?

It is recommended to wear an arm sling in order to keep the broken bone from moving during the healing process. A broken collarbone may take 6 weeks or longer to heal. You might need an arm support for thiss duration.

What type of arm slings support a broken wrist?

A collar and cuff sling is designed specifically for recovery after a wrist surgery.

Can arm slings be used in shower?

You can remove the sling when getting undressed and preparing for a bath. However, do not try to remove the sling if your medical practitioner has stated you must wear it at all times.

What can be the possible solution of an arm sling rubbing the neck?

If a common arm sling hurts your neck you may try arm slings with back straps. These slings will help distribute arm weight thereby relieving your neck of all the weight.