Frequently Asked Questions on Socks

Can compression socks help with Shin Splints?

Yes, Compression socks are good for shin splints but they are not the complete cure to this condition. Compression socks help to make your injury feel better while recovery and they can possibly prevent a new injury from happening.

Can compression socks be worn all day long?

Yes, it is advisable to wear compression socks though the day or as directed by your medical practitioner. The size of the socks and the compression level must be carefully suggested. If worn correctly compression socks can help alleviate leg pains and many other conditions.

Can compression socks help with restless legs?

Yes, compression socks are good for restless legs but they should not be very tight to cut off the blood circulation.

Can compression socks reduce swelling?

Yes, compression socks are designed to help reduce the swelling in the feet, ankle and lower legs.

Are compression socks helpful in neuropathy?
Yes, It is important to cover your feet, compression socks can improve your neuropathy by cushioning your feet against sudden injury.