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Frequently Asked Questions On Transporters

Transport wheelchairs are also known as companion chairs require a companion to push the user. These transporters are equipped with swing-away leg rests, fixed armrests, and side panels. These lightweight travel chairs are equipped with a small wheels that provide for easy maneuverability. They are a great option while travelling.

  • Transport chairs are lightweight and generally weigh between 18 – 29 lbs.
  • These wheelchairs are made up of durable lightweight aluminium.
  • Transport chairs have a seat width of 16” – 18” to fit through narrow doorways.
  • Small wheels of transport wheelchairs allow for great maneuverability.
  • The footrests flip for easy transfers.
  • Varied types of armrests provide the required support.

The main difference between travel wheelchairs and standard wheelchairs is that the former are attendant propelled and the latter are self-propelling. Travel wheelchairs come with small wheels for maneuverability and standard wheelchairs come with large wheels with handrims for self-propulsion. Transport chairs are compact folding for storage.

Transport chairs can be classified into:

  • Narrow – with 17” seat width for users under 120 lbs. 
  • Medium – with 19” seat width for users between 120 to 300 lbs. 
  • Wide – with 22” seat width or more for users over 300 lbs.

Yes, all travel wheelchairs fold compact enough to fit into any car!

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