Frequently Asked Questions on IV Sponges

What can be done to stick bandage or wound dressing to the skin effectively?

After washing the wound area, pat it dry before applying the bandage or wound dressing. After the dressing is on, avoid rubbing the bandage or dressing or exposing it more than necessary to any liquids.

How often should the dressing be changed?

Change the bandage every day, or several times a day if it becomes wet or dirty.

How do I remove an adhesive bandage/tape that will not release easily from the skin?

If a bandage is not easily releasing do not pull on bandage, instead work a little baby oil or cooking oil into the adhesive to help the bandage release from the skin.  

Or you may use ice (covered in a paper towel) for 5 minutes or less. Ice will make the adhesive brittle, which may cause it to release.

How do IV dressings help?

IV sponges conform well around drains, catheters, chest tubes, I.V.'s and tracheostomies therefore making a clean germ free environment.

What are the popular IV dressings available?

Popular IV sponges include

  • Medtronic Covidien Dermacea IV 2s Sterile Drain Sponge
  • Dynarex Non Woven Drain And IV Sponges
  • AMD IV NonWoven Dressing Sterile Sponges