Frequently Asked Questions on Anita Mastectomy Bras

What makes Anita Care post mastectomy bras unique?

Anita post mastectomy bras are designed to be slightly deeper in the underarm area. This helps conceal scars and allow a more comfortable fit. These mastectomy bras are slightly deeper in the center to ensure division between the breast prosthesis and natural breast. They have an underband which is wide and ergonomically designed to provide flexibility in movement and comfort.

What are Anita Care breast form pockets made of?

Anita Care breast form pockets are made from soft cotton, micromodal and microfiber which together make these products feel gentle and tender on the skin.

What is the benefit of padded straps in Anita Care post mastectomy bras?

The padded bra straps distribute weight of the natural breast and breast prosthesis. This takes the weight off the shoulders and provides relief to the shoulders. So, with an increase in size, the size of the bra strap also goes up to accommodate increasing size and weight.

How to wash Anita Care post mastectomy bras?

Anita post mastectomy bras can be washed in a machine at 30 degree Celsius temperature. Keep the bra in a lingerie bag during the washing cycle and ensure the machine wash is switched to delicate or easy care program. Avoid use of fabric softener and use mild detergent. It is advised not to use dryer or hang the bras out to dry in direct sunlight.