Frequently Asked Questions on Amoena Mastectomy Bras

What makes Amoena mastectomy swimwear attractive?

Amoena mastectomy swimwear instil great confidence in the wearer because of their chic, fashionable designs in trendy colors and high quality fabric. Bilateral bra pockets in the swimwear hold breast forms securely in place for a worry-free swim in the pool or lounging on the beach.

Why purchase Amoena mastectomy pocketed bras?

Amoena mastectomy pocketed bras provide security and confidence. They offer a natural look and hold the breast forms securely in place without the wearer worrying about them falling off. Amoena mastectomy pocketed bras stand for a healthy combination of style and luxury.

Why is an underwire bra needed?

Underwire bras offer greater support to the breasts and are worn by those who want their breasts to be given a lift or shape. An underwire bra has a thin, rigid wire-like material sewn into the underside of the bra cup. This wire material could be plastic, resin or metal.

What is the difference between Amoena padded bra and Amoena unpadded bra?

Amoena mastectomy padded bras have a thin layer of foam inserted between the inner fabric and the outer part of the cup. However, Amoena mastectomy unpadded bras are without the foam layer.