Frequently Asked Questions on Post Mastectomy Bras

What is the difference between post mastectomy bra and a regular bra?

Post mastectomy bras have a pocket inside the bra cup which can hold breast prosthesis in place. These bra types are also designed to carry the extra weight of silicone breast forms. Mastectomy bras may have a pocket in one cup or pockets in both cups.

What are the different types of mastectomy bras?

There are post mastectomy bras for special occasions, exercise, leisure, sleep and bikini tops for swimming. Additionally, there are strapless bras, post-surgery bras, leisure bras and built-in shelf bras.

How to determine the accurate mastectomy bra size?

When purchasing a mastectomy bra, choose the cup size based on the larger breast. It is however, advisable to have a professional bra fitting after mastectomy, lumpectomy or breast reconstruction for determining new bra size and breast form size. Also check out this size chart to get an idea about sizing options.

What are the useful features of a post-surgery bra?
  • Supportive, adjustable straps assist in maintaining body posture
  • Wide sides for extra coverage
  • Wide underband keeps bra securely in place
  • Discreet pockets keep prostheses secure
  • Possess deep cups and front for comfort, support and extra cover