Frequently Asked Questions on CPAP Machines

Why are CPAP machines used?

CPAP machines are used to enhance the quality of sleep for a person who suffers from sleep apnea. The CPAP machine directs air pressure into the throat of the user preventing the airway from collapsing while he or she sleeps. This helps the person breathe easier.

How long will it take to get used to CPAP?

For most users it might take 2-3 weeks to get adjusted to a CPAP machine. Some people may take longer. It is recommended to have patience and, if necessary, seek expert help to sort out any issues which can help you get adjusted faster.

How to clean a CPAP heated hose?
  • Disconnect the tubing from the CPAP unit and mask
  • Use mild detergent with warm water and run this mixture through the tubing
  • After a thorough wash, rinse it well
  • Hang the tubing in a clean, dry area for drying but avoid direct sunlight
Do all CPAP devices use filters?

Yes, mostly all CPAPs use at least a single filter generally made of foam, paper or synthetic material. There are two types of filters – disposable and non-disposable. Most filters are disposable. Certain CPAPs offer ultra-fine filtration with disposable filter. The filters are located at the back of the CPAP machine and require regular cleaning and changing for maintenance.

When to make CPAP machine filter replacement?

CPAP device filter replacement is very important because it will affect not only the functioning of the CPAP device but also the respiratory health of the user. One needs to replace the air filter of the CPAP machine on a periodic basis. The non-disposable ones are recommended to be replaced within every six months. But if one is living in a dusty environment, the filter should be replaced more often, sometimes even within two weeks. The non-disposable foam filter is advised to be cleaned at least once a month.