Frequently Asked Questions on Pads and Liner

What are incontinence pads?

Incontinence pads are small, waterproof multi-layered sheets which are highly absorbent in nature. They are designed to provide full protection to people with incontinence. Incontinence pads help cope with leakage issues and avoid embarrassing situations.

How often must incontinence pads be changed?

Incontinence pads should be changed regularly even if they are not wet in order to maintain skin hygiene. Pads which are soaked in fluid will lead to leakage and cause skin rashes.

How do incontinence pads work?

All disposable incontinence pads have super absorbents that absorb fluid and lock it inside. The absorbency powers of an incontinence pad depend on the super absorbent material present and not its size or bulkiness.

How do incontinence pads help?

Incontinence pads help you continue with normal day-to-day activities. They:

  • Possess strong urine absorbency level
  • Are available in varied sizes
  • Are lightweight
  • Possess odor-controlling capabilities
Are incontinence pads flushable?

These pads cannot be flushed down a toilet but must be disposed of in a plastic bag.