Frequently Asked Questions on One-Piece System

What does a one piece ostomy system mean?

A one-piece ostomy system combines the skin barrier and pouch into a single unit. The ostomy bag fixes around the stoma through an adhesive flange. It is the most popular ostomy system, being lightweight and easy to manage.

What are the advantages of a one-piece ostomy system?

Advantages of a one-piece ostomy system are:

  • It is less noticeable under clothes when empty
  • Cost effective as compared to a two-piece ostomy system
  • Suitable for people with limited dexterity  
  • Offers greater flexibility of baseplate 
  • No risk of bag falling off
How to apply a one-piece ostomy system?
  • Clean and dry the peristomal skin
  • Remove the covering from the back of the skin barrier  
  • Gently place the opening of the pouch system on the stoma
  • Press the barrier on the skin paying greater attention to the area nearer the stoma Maintain certain pressure over the skin barrier for 30-60 seconds for ensuring good seal Lower the pouch
  • In case an ostomy belt is used for securing pouch then clip it in place
What is the difference between a one-piece ostomy system and a two-piece ostomy system?

A one-piece ostomy system is one single unit of pouch and skin barrier. When removing this system, the entire unit has to be removed. A two-piece system has the skin barrier separate from the pouch. In this type, first you have to fix the barrier on the skin around the stoma through an adhesive and then fit the ostomy pouch on to the barrier. When removing a two-piece, the pouch has to be removed first and then the barrier.

How to remove a one-piece ostomy system?

Start with peeling one corner of the skin barrier. Push the skin down and pull the barrier up. You can also use an adhesive remover like a wet paper towel soaked in warm water. Dispose of the old pouch into a plastic bag. A closure clip may be kept aside for reuse later.