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Articles of April,2021

Happy Covid-19 Mother’s Day!!

Posted on Apr 29, 2021 by Kevin Cleary

Health Products for You can help you enjoy Mother’s Day this year as the Covid-19 pandemic loosens its grip.

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Fecal Incontinence: Managing the Embarrassment

Posted on Apr 27, 2021 by Christine Kijek

Stool Incontinence can cause constipation diarrhea and it is a common problem among peopl

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Independent Living for Seniors at Home

Posted on Apr 20, 2021 by Kevin Cleary

Making the home safe and usable for seniors can keep them independent and Health Products for You has some options.

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Celebrate Men’s Health Week

Posted on Apr 20, 2021 by Kevin Cleary

Men’s health is a focal point this time of year and Health Products for You can highlight some men’s health products to stay healthy.

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A Knee and Hip Replacement Kit for You

Posted on Apr 19, 2021 by Kevin Cleary

A knee or hip replacement surgery requires therapy and this medical aid kit from Health Products for You is perfect.

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Covid-19: After Your Vaccination

Posted on Apr 07, 2021 by Kevin Cleary

After your vaccination for the coronavirus, there are still safety steps we should take and Health Products for You has your answers.

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Pressure Injuries - Causes, Prevention, And Treatment

Posted on Apr 05, 2021 by Christine Kijek

Pressure ulcers are injuries to the skin and underlying tissue and are most common on bony prominences caused by pressure. Learn more about Pressure Injuries

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Posted on Apr 02, 2021 by Laura Castricone

Living in chronic lung disease changes a Human's life emotionally and physically and creates a new way of being in the world. Need more information for COPD.

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