The Comfort Company Amputee Extension Kit with Solace Cover
The Comfort Company Amputee Extension Kit with Solace Cover

The Comfort Company Amputee Extension Kit with Solace Cover

Brand/Manufacturer: THE COMFORT COMPANY
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The Comfort Company Amputee Extension Kit with Solace Cover can installs onto either left or right side of solid seat pan. The toggle lever has adduction to help center residual limb while foam construction has soft entry later for comfort and firmer base layer for support. The amp support may be used with any wheelchair with a solid seat pan.

Item #DescPkgPrice 
AMPKIT810 8"W x 10"L Each $306.00 $244.80
AMPKIT910 9"W x 10"L Each $306.00 $244.80
AMPKIT1010 10"W x 10"L Each $306.00 $244.80
AMPKIT1110 11"W x 10"L Each $306.00 $244.80
AMPKIT1210 12"W x 10"L Each $306.00 $244.80
AMPKIT814 8"W x 14"L Each $306.00 $244.80
AMPKIT914 9"W x 14"L Each $306.00 $244.80
AMPKIT1014 10"W x 14"L Each $306.00 $244.80
AMPKIT1114 11"W x 14"L Each $306.00 $244.80
AMPKIT1214 12"W x 14"L Each $306.00 $244.80


  • The Comfort Company Amputee Extension Kit with Solace Cover has 100lbs weight capacity
  • Thickness : 3 inches
  • Vertical Adjustability
    - Toggle lever allows positioning at multiple angles
  • Quick Release Amp Hardware
    - Fast and simple removal with the quick release assembly

More Information

  • Important
    - Quick Release Amputee Support should not be used during transfers
    - The toggle can rotate when the lever is open
    - Make sure the lever is pointed down when locked in place
  • Instructions
    - Loosely attach the two clamps to the Amputee Pad using the two screws in the desired set of holes on the pad
    NOTE: Some wheelchairs will require mounting the clamps in the second set of holes located 3.5" towards the front of the pad. These holes may not be visible, so burning two holes in the cover may be required
    - Insert the tube of the Knuckle Assembly into the Interlocking clamps at the desired depth, making sure the toggle and receiver knob 2 will face the outside of the pad. Tighten the two screws using the 3/16" Hex Key
    NOTE: Make sure the toggle lever will be pointed down (away from the Amputee Pad)
    - Attach the L Bracket to the Knuckle Receiver using the two screws and Phillips Head Screwdriver. The screws should be inserted into the center holes in the L Bracket
    NOTE: Be sure the slotted side of the L Bracket is facing up (in line with the interlock clamp connected to the pad)
    - Attach the Pad/Hardware Assembly to the bottom of the solid seat pan using the two screws and a Phillips Head Screwdriver
    - Check to make sure the Amputee Pad is parallel with the seat cushion and is at the correct depth. If depth adjustment and/or side rotation is required, loosen the interlock clamp screws, adjust pad to desired orientation, and retighten screws
    - To adjust the up/down angle of the Amputee Pad, open toggle and adjust the pad to the required angle. Close the toggle to lock in place, making sure the toggle lever is pointed down
    - To use the quick-release feature, pull the knob on the Knuckle Receiver and remove the Pad/Hardware Assembly. To reinstall the Pad/Hardware assembly to the Knuckle Receiver, insert the Knuckle into the Receiver until the knob protracts and retracts and back into position

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