Steris Hinge-Free Instrument Lubricant
Steris Hinge-Free Instrument Lubricant

Steris Hinge-Free Instrument Lubricant

Brand/Manufacturer: STERIS PLC

Steris Hinge-Free Instrument Lubricant is a non-silicone-based medical instrument lubricant for metal instruments. The regular use of Hinge-Free will keep surgical instruments operating freely and easily. It is used in both manual and automated washer cycles and protects all types of stainless steel surgical instruments. The neutral pH is safe for use on stainless steel and aluminum. It contains anti-microbial preservatives to ensure that product doesnt support microorganism growth

Item #DescPkgRewardPrice 
1031T6WR 2.64 Gallon Each $1.14
103105 5 Gallon Each $1.90
1031BX 1 Gallon 4/Case $2.60


  • Steris Hinge-Free Instrument Lubricant helps protect surgical instruments, which represents a large investment to health care facilities
  • Excellent lubricating ability keeps instruments operating smoothly
  • Non-silicone based formula does not interfere with steam or EO sterilization
  • Corrosion inhibitorsPrevents corrosion during sterilization
  • Neutral pH compatible with stainless steel, tungsten carbide, aluminum, and titanium
  • Helps extend instrument life and facilitates future optimal use
  • Color: Milky white
  • Odor: Mild Oleic odor
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More Information

  • Directions for Manual Use:
    Shake well before using
    - Mix one part of Hinge-Free with six parts (167 mL per Liter) of distilled or demineralized water. Prior to sterilization, immerse pre-cleaned instruments (in open position) into the solution for 30-45 seconds
    - Remove the instruments and allow them to drain
    - Rinsing and wiping the instruments is not necessary
    - Instruments are now ready for packing and sterilization. Mixed solution must be changed at least every 14 days
  • Directions for Automated Use:
    Automatically feed into the lubricant/final rinse cycle of the automated washer disinfector
    - Dispense at equipment manufacture;s recommendations with a dilution range of 4 to 16 mL per Liter of water
  • Warning:
    Dimenthylol-5, 5-dimethlhdantoin (CAS# 6440-58-0), Triethanolamine (CAS# 102-71-6)
    - Causes mild skin irritation. If skin irritation occurs, get medical attention
    - Should be stored below 32°C to maximize shelf life. Avoid Freezing
    - For hospital and professional use only. Not for home use

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