Silent Call Legacy Series Wireless Doorbell Transmitter
Silent Call Legacy Series Wireless Doorbell Transmitter

Silent Call Legacy Series Wireless Doorbell Transmitter

  • Made in USA

Silent Call Legacy Series Wireless Doorbell Transmitter is a combination of the doorbell button and transmitter in one compact, easy-to-install unit that attaches by two small screws to the door frame. It sends signal to any Silent Call Legacy Series receiver (except the Shake-Up). The unit is ideal for homes without doorbells, or for side doors or back doors where doorbells have not been installed.

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DB1003-4 Wireless Doorbell Transmitter Each $2.75


  • Silent Call Legacy Series Wireless Doorbell Transmitter includes:
    - Doorbell 318 MHz Wireless Transmitter
    - 2 small mounting screws
    - One 12 volt battery
    - Product Manual
  • Signals when a visitor pushes the doorbell button
  • Battery operated and not intended for wiring to existing doorbell circuitry
  • Also available (separately):
    - Silent Call Sidekick Receiver Deluxe Notification Kit (Code SK-Kit-4D)

More Information

  • Installation:
    - Remove your Silent Call doorbell transmitter from its packaging
    - Place the doorbell transmitter firmly against the wood frame on the outside door trim, approximately 48 inches up from the doorsill. Note that if the doorbell transmitter is mounted to a metal surface, the range will be greatly reduced
    - Using a pencil, mark each screw hole on the mounting surface. Remove the doorbell transmitter from the wood trim
    - Using a small nail or other sharp pointed object, make a starter hole for transmitter case screws (included)
    - Screw transmitter to door trim making sure printing on the case is right side up
    - Your doorbell transmitter has a code switch, accessible through the battery compartment. The code is preset at the factory (positions 1,2,3, OFF and positions 4 and 5 ON). If there is another Silent Call system within range, the two systems may interfere with each other. To prevent this, the code in your system may be changed to any other setting, as long as all Silent Call devices in your system are set to the same code. (See individual receiver manuals for how to change their code settings)
    - To test operation of transmitter, press doorbell button. This will cause your Silent Call receiver(s) to operate
  • Changing Battery:
    Remove doorbell transmitter from doorframe and slide battery cover off, exposing battery
    - Remove battery and install new 23AE, 12 volt alkaline battery
    - Make sure polarity ( + and - ) is correct when installing new battery
  • Operation:
    - Whenever the doorbell transmitter button is pressed, a coded signal is sent to any Silent Call receiver, from 100-500 feet away depending on the receiver that you are using


5 year limited warranty

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