ROM-Stops Finger Splint Replacement Parts
ROM-Stops Finger Splint Replacement Parts

ROM-Stops Finger Splint Replacement Parts

Brand/Manufacturer: NORTH COAST MEDICAL
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  • Latex Free

ROM-Stops Finger Splint Replacement Parts is used to block finger flexion or extension at various increments without slippage. It is ideal for MP joint arthroplasty, PIP joint arthroplasty or extensor tendon lacerations, especially early active zones 3-5. It is easy to individualize the degrees of motion for each finger by using different length ROM-Stops.

Item #DescPkgPrice 
NC33767-15 Length 1.5 cm 5/Pack $20.65 $12.99
NC33767-20 Length 2.0 cm 5/Pack $20.65 $12.99
NC33767-25 Length 2.5 cm 5/Pack $20.65 $12.99
NC33767-30 Length 3.0 cm 5/Pack $20.65 $12.99
NC33767-35 Length 3.5 cm 5/Pack $20.65 $12.99
NC33767-40 Length 4.0 cm 5/Pack $20.65 $12.99
NC33767-45 Length 4.5 cm 5/Pack $20.65 $12.99
NC33767-50 Length 5.0 cm 5/Pack $20.65 $12.99
NC33767-55 Length 5.5 cm 5/Pack $20.65 $12.99
NC33767-60 Length 6.0 cm 5/Pack $20.65 $12.99
NC33767-65 Length 6.5 cm 5/Pack $20.65 $12.99
NC33767-70 Length 7.0 cm 5/Pack $20.65 $12.99
NC33767-75 Length 7.5 cm 5/Pack $20.65 $12.99
NC33767-80 Length 8.0 cm 5/Pack $20.65 $12.99


  • ROM-Stops Finger Splint Replacement Parts provides 5° difference in restrictions, for easy tracking of changes
  • Can be used with ROM-Stops Finger Splint Plastic Rods Outrigger Kit
  • May be used on most dynamic finger splint kits or custom design splints
  • Pre-measured to save time when controlling finger ROM
  • Latex Free

More Information

  • Sizing:
    - To determine the length of the ROM-Stops needed, measure the line distance from the dynamic component to the outrigger end with the finger passively held in the desired joint -angle
    - Choose the corresponding length ROM-Stops

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