Prism FGA-330 Portable Floor Lift
Prism FGA-330 Portable Floor Lift

Prism FGA-330 Portable Floor Lift

Brand/Manufacturer: PRISM MEDICAL
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Prism FGA-330 Portable Floor Lift works much like any other mobile floor lift but has the added feature of being able to fold for easy storage or travel. The lightweight design makes it a convenient tool for a visiting home healthcare professional, or the family that is on the go. When it is needed, the lift can quickly and easily be set up and ready for use. It is ideal for all the most common lifting situations as it lifts from bed to wheelchair, to and from the commode, or for lifting someone who has fallen to the floor.

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280420 FGA-330 Portable Floor Lift Each $26.50


  • Prism FGA-330 Portable Floor Lift components:
    - FGA-330 portable floor lift
    - Hand Control
    - Floor Lift Integrated Charger
    - Charger Cord
    - Owner Manual
    - Multi-Function Wrenches
    - 5 mm Hex Allen Key (Short Arm)
    - 4 mm Hex Allen Key (Short Arm)
    - 3 mm Hex Allen Key (Short Arm)
  • Retractable retention cord that holds base legs in place during transport
  • 4 x 3" caster combination for a low clearance capability
  • 360° turn capability of the carry bar delivers the most caregiver control during lifting and positioning without interference with the mast or boom
  • All aluminum frame delivers a lightweight and durable product design
  • Folds away easily for storage or travel
  • Carry bar comes with padded cover for client protection and quick release attachment and has spring loaded clips to secure sling straps
  • The base opening and closing is manually controlled by a convenient step release bar
  • The FGA-330 portable floor lift is a lifting aid used by health care professionals to transfer clients. The floor lift makes it possible to move mobility impaired individuals with minimal strain or risk to the caregiver while providing complete safety, dignity, and comfort for the client
  • The FGA-330 portable floor lift is one of two components that make up this technology. The other component, the sling, is a specially designed fabric accessory that attaches to the floor lift by means of a carry bar and straps and holds an individual while the lift or transfer takes place. The sling is generally supplied with the floor lift at the initial time of purchase
  • The FGA-330 portable floor lift has the ability to lift an individual up from one location such as bed then move the individual to another location and finally lower the individual into a chair or bath. The functions of lifting up or down, or opening and closing the legs on the lift, are accomplished by pressing buttons on the hand control. The hand control is attached to the floor lift. Due to the design of the floor lift system, it takes very little effort to press a button to perform the desired motion
  • Click Here for User Manual

More Information

  • Cautions:
    - Under no circumstance should the FGA-330 portable floor lift and sling (s) be put in control of a person who has not been properly trained in the use and care of this equipment. Failure to adhere to this warning may result in serious injury to the operator, and/or the individual being lifted/ transferred
    - The FGA-330 portable floor lift and sling (s) are not toys. Do not use it for unsafe practices. Do not allow children to play with the portable floor lift or any of its components
    - The manufacturer warranty is voided if persons unauthorized by Prism Medical Ltd. will perform work on the FGA-330 portable floor lift
    - There are no user serviceable parts inside the actuator. Do not remove cover screws, or open the unit, as this will VOID THE WARRANTY
    - Never expose the FGA-330 portable floor lift directly to water. Warranty does not cover any misuse or abuse of the floor lift system
    - To maintain optimum function, the FGA-330 portable floor lift should be inspected and maintained on a regular basis
    - Any accessories used with the FGA-330 portable floor lift including sling (s), should be checked to ensure that they are in good working order. Check for signs of wear or fraying prior to use. Report any unusual wear, or damage immediately to your local authorized Prism Medical Service Provider
    - The FGA-330 portable floor lift and associated sling (s) are intended only for lifting and transferring of a person. Prism Medical will not be responsible for any damage caused by the misuse, neglect or purposeful destruction of the lift, and/or its associated components
    - In any circumstances do not exceed the maximum allowable load of this lift
    - There is a risk of explosion if the lift is used in the presence of flammable anesthetics
    - Ensure that a clear space is maintained around the lift. Move any obstacles out of the way before operating the floor lift
  • Care:
    Do charge the battery whenever possible. This will extend the battery life. A large number of cycles can be obtained from operating on the batteries, but battery lifetime is reduced with frequent discharging
    - Do inspect all cables particularly the mains power cable on the charger for any damage; replace where necessary
    - Do stow the handset and if fitted with charger, the mains power cable when transporting the hoist
    - Do clean the actuators, control box, charger, battery and handset at regular intervals to remove dust and dirt
    - The exterior of the lift should only be cleaned, disinfected and sterilized using isopropyl alcohol
    - Damp a cloth with isopropyl alcohol and wipe down entire exterior of lift
    - No other chemicals and/or liquids should be used to clean, disinfect and sterilize this lift
    - Do not allow the batteries to fully discharge before connecting to the charger. The batteries are a lead acid gel cell type that can be trickled charged continuously (batteries used for standby) and have a high current discharge capacity. Life is greatly reduced by deep or complete discharging of the batteries. Longer lifetime is obtained by maintaining fully charged batteries
    - Do not continue to operate the handset by repeatedly pressing the buttons if the lift function will not move or the actuator will not function. If this occurs then the actuator has either reached its end position, the load is too great or there is a malfunction
    - Do not exert excessive force on the handset cable as this may break off the wires inside the cable and prevent some or all of the operations
    - Do not continually operate the hoist functions. The system is not designed for continuous operation.Continuous Operation will cause batteries to be deeply discharged or to damage the actuator or control box by overheating


Technical Specifications:

Maximum weight capacity330 lbs. (150 kg.)
Maximum lifting height64.6 inches (164 cm)
Minimum lifting height16.9 inches (42.8 cm)
Height to top of legs5.2 inches (13.3 cm)
Clearance from bottom of legs to floor2.8 inches (7.2 cm)
Overall length50.4 inches (128 cm)
Distance inside the legs (min.)23 inches (58.6 cm)
Distance inside the legs (max.)37 inches (95 cm)
Distance outside the legs (min.)26 inches (66 cm)
Distance outside the legs (max.)41 inches (104 cm)
Reach at maximum height15.7 inches (38.8 cm)
Reach at minimum height12.6 inches (32 cm)
Maximum Reach-Distance between center of carry bar to front of the mast22.8 inches (57.9 cm)
Turning radius54 inches (136.5 cm)
Wheels (dual-wheel castors)Front – 3” (76 mm)
Rear – 4” (101 mm) with brake
Weight of lift79.2 lbs (36 kgs)
Length48 inches (122 cm)
Width24.2 inches (61.5 cm)
Height15.6 inches (39.5 cm)

Electrical Specifications:

Lift Motor24 VDC, 10.5 Amps Max.
Charger Input100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 0.4 Amps Max.
Charger Output24 VDC, 0.65 Amps
Batteries24 VDC (2 x 12 VDC) 2.9 Ah, Sealed Lead Acid
Hand ControlElectric
Lifting Range16.9” to 64.6”
Duty Cycle10% use, 90% rest
Rated Performance30 lifts at 330 lbs., 10% duty cycle


1 Year Warranty

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