PDG Bentley Manual Tilt In Space Wheelchair
PDG Bentley Manual Tilt In Space Wheelchair

PDG Bentley Manual Tilt In Space Wheelchair

Brand/Manufacturer: PDG MOBILITY

PDG Bentley Manual Tilt In Space Wheelchair is used to provide positioning and postural support to clients with agitation. It is designed with functional purpose in mind for frail individuals with limited stamina who wish to maintain independent mobility. Bentley Wheelchair improves posture and prevents sliding forward out of the wheelchair. Tilt angle of up to 20 degrees, rotating about the front of seat is ideal for foot propulsion while in-tilt. It features excellent access to rear wheels for effortless propulsion and adjusts to fit according to individual needs. Intended use of Bentley Wheelchair is as a manually operated, attendant or user propelled, manual mechanical wheelchair.

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  • Frame Type
  • Frame Upgrade Options
  • Seat Width
  • Seat Depth
  • Seat Height (View More Images For Seat Height Chart)
  • Seat Frame Options
  • Frame Color
  • Armrests Option
  • Armpad Option
  • Backrest Options
  • Seat to Back Angle
  • Back Post Style
  • Tilt Option
  • Wheel Locks
  • Back Upholstery
  • Front Rigging
  • Foot Plates
  • Casters
  • Rear Wheel
  • Rear Wheel Tire
  • Axle Type
  • Extension Tube
  • Handrim Options
  • Optional Accessories
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Bentley Manual Tilt Wheelchair

Key Features:

  • Easy to adjust axle position
  • Excellent for foot and hand propulsion in and out of tilt
  • Ample clear space under the front of the seat ensures excellent heel clearance
  • Pivot point at the front so that knee and foot height do not change when tilted
  • Wheel lock and anti-tipper adjust automatically with rear wheel
  • Front casters are located further apart as compared to other manual wheelchairs, allowing an extra room for feet
  • Infinitely adjustable wheel location
  • Frame extensions ensure extra stability for high agitation applications
  • Rugged construction ideal for heavy duty use
  • Low, adjustable seat-to-floor height
  • Maneuverable short wheelbase
  • Shock absorbers for maximum comfort
  • Relieves pressure and provides improved patient positioning
  • Transit-ready option
  • Extended Base with Rear Floor Jacks lifts rear wheels off the ground for increased stability
  • Transit Tie-Down System (TTDS) includes 4 factory installed transport brackets
  • Heavy Duty Package (Double Gas Strut):
    - Required 20" composite or 24" heavy duty spoked wheel
    - Max weight capacity: 450lb
    - Fixed axles only
    - Heavy duty package included on seat width 23" or wider
    - Order "add on" for seal widths up to 22"
  • Click Here for Owners Manual

Parts Description:

Bentley Manual Tilt Wheelchair

Key Factors For Application:

  • Independent mobility, excellent for positioning and independent tilt
  • Self-tilt - excellent
  • Foot propulsion - excellent in or out of tilt
  • Hand propulsion - excellent in or out of tilt
  • Desk/table access - excellent; knees stay low to allow access

More On Bentley Manual Tilt Wheelchair

Adjusting Seat Tilt of Tilt In Space Wheelchair:

  1. To adjust the tilt angle, activate the tilting lever located on side of push handle. Allow seat back to lower to desired level and release tilt lever. Seat should ‘lock’ at desired tilt angle.
  2. Note that the tilt lever may be mounted onto the left or right side of the backrest push bar.

Adjusting Seat-to-Floor Height:

  1. Remove the socket head screws located on the outside of the seat pan assembly (one screw on each side). These two screws attach the Seat Frame to the Base Frame and also act at the pivot point when the seat is tilted.
  2. Reposition the Seat Frame to the desired elevation. There are three elevation choices without using frame height extenders. An additional 2" may be achieved when frame height extenders are installed.
  3. Reassemble by reversing steps 1-2.
  4. Remove the hex head screw located on the Base Frame, which connects the lower end of the gas strut assembly to the Base Frame.
  5. Reposition the lower end of the Gas Strut Assembly to the elevation hole corresponding to the selected seat elevation.
  6. Reassemble by reversing the above steps.
  7. Test the wheelchair to ensure the seat pan can be positioned approximately level when the gas strut is fully extended. Check to ensure all screws and nuts are assembled snugly.

Adjusting the Back Angle:

The seat-to back angle may be set to 90 – 108 degrees (114 and 120 degrees requires additional hardware – please contact the dealer). Use only PDG supplied parts when changing back angle. The backrest rotates about the 2 shoulder bolts located approximately 4" above the seat pan on the backrest support bracket. The 2 bolts that extend rearward from the bottom of the backrest are used to fine-tune the angle.

  1. To set seat-to-back angle at 90 - 108 degrees, first loosen both rearward facing bolts at the bottom of the backrest.
  2. Move the two shoulder bolts to any one of the 4 recline select locations.
  3. Retighten the shoulder bolts and the rearward facing bolts when reassembling.
  4. To set seat-to-back angle at 114 or 120 degrees, remove the rearward facing bolts at the bottom of the backrest and remove the two ½” long elastomer (rubber) sleeves located between the backrest tubes and backrest support bracket and replace with 1” sleeves. Exchange bolts with 2 ¾” long bolts. Both components are supplied by PDG.

Note that locknuts should be re-used no more than five (5) times to ensure locking material grips. If locknuts are worn, replace them.

Cleaning Instructions:

Periodic cleaning of all surfaces will help keep your wheelchair looking good and operating properly. All surfaces may be cleaned with warm water and a mild detergent. Do not use abrasive cleaners on any surfaces.

Specifications Of Bentley Wheelchair



Seat Width (Fixed)

14" to 32" (35.6cm to 81.3cm)

Seat Depth (Adjustable)

16" to 22" (40.6cm to 55.9cm)

Seat Height (Adjustable)

13" to 20" (33cm to 50.8cm)

Back Angle (Adjustable)

90° to 120°  

Back Height

20" to 24"

Dynamic Tilt

0° to 20°

Overall Width (12" & 16" Wheels)

Seat Width + 9.5"

Overall Width (20" & 24" Wheels)

Seat Width + 10.5"

Overall Depth

28.5” to 31” (without front rigging)

Weight Capacity

Standard base: 250lb (113.4kg)
Heavy duty base:  450lb (203kg)

Shipping Weight





Swing-away footrests (standard)
Elevating leg rests (optional)

Rear Wheels

12”, 16”, 20” or 24” (Urethane or pneumatic)


6” or 8” (Urethane or pneumatic) 

Wheel Locks

Push to lock

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Why is cleaning required for wheelchair?
Yuwasha - 3/25/2017 6:35:16 AM
answer image
Regular cleaning will reveal loose or worn parts and enhance the smooth operation of your wheelchair.
Customer Care - 3/27/2017 12:33:23 AM
question image
I want to remove the armrests. How can I do so?
David - 3/25/2017 6:33:42 AM
answer image
To remove the armrests from Bentley Manual Tilt Wheelchair, release the arm assembly by depressing the black release lever on the front of the armrest (just above the seat pan) while pulling the armrest up.
Customer Care - 3/27/2017 12:32:30 AM
question image
How do I adjust the armrest height?
Tessa - 3/25/2017 6:33:14 AM
answer image
Unlock the arm of Bentley Manual Tilt Wheelchair by depressing the black release button on the upper front of the armrest while moving the armrest up or down. Adjust Armrest to desired height. The armrest height will lock when the release button pops out of one of the armrest height adjustment holes.
Customer Care - 3/27/2017 12:30:30 AM
question image
What all tools are required to make adjustments to this wheelchair?
Betty - 3/25/2017 6:32:43 AM
answer image
Following tools are required to make adjustments to Bentley Manual Tilt Wheelchair: 
  • Philips Screw Driver 
  • Allen Keys: 1/8”, 5/32”, 3/16”, 8mm 
  • Adjustable or Open-End Wrenches: 7/16”, 1-1/4”, 1-5/16” 
  • Socket Head Driver with Socket Heads: 9/16”, 3/4”, 1-1/4”
Customer Care - 3/27/2017 12:28:54 AM
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