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Pacey Cuff Ultra Male Urethral Control Device Pacey Cuff Size Chart Pacey Cuff Ultra Male Urethral Control Device

Pacey Cuff Ultra Male Urethral Control Device

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Pacey Cuff Ultra Male Urethral Control Device is ergonomically designed that applies pressure only to the urethra cutting off urine flow, not the blood flow, and eliminates possible blood supply restriction pain and damage to the penis. It is an updated urethral control device that aims to offer an effective, durable, and easy-to-use solution to urinary incontinence in men. It is created with extra neoprene padding and a robust anti-pinch flap at the strap guide to protect the skin and is fully adjustable. It also includes one FREE Comfort Sleeve (a strong, thin fabric band) for use with your Cuff. The sleeve ensures a pinch-free application of ANY externally applied incontinence device.

Benefits of Pacey Cuff Ultra

  • Protects blood circulation to the penis
  • New compression thumb tab to help achieve the best fit
  • Comfortable, closed-cell padding
  • Gives confidence back
  • Stops most leaks


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Pacey Cuff Ultra Male Urethral Control Device Features

  • This cuff has three parts:
    1. The upper vascular protective hood
    2. The lower urethral compressive part which stops urine flow
    3. The Velcro strap which maintains the compression between the upper and lower part
  • Includes power sleeve protective barrier
  • The power sleeve is a device which makes the cuff more comfortable by preventing pinching and by increasing continence
  • The unique and patented Pacey Cuff design stops urine without blocking blood flow
  • More reliable, comfortable, and adjustable than a traditional clamp
  • Allows circulation
  • Durable
  • Can be used for 6 to 8 months
  • Can be discretely worn all day long
  • Control - Its design allows for 24-hour dependability and control of leakage, effectively eliminating day-to-day issues related to incontinence
  • Freedom - The most comfortable product on the market, and the most mobile option as well

Note - Replace Pacey Cuff every 4 months. Also, typically one should have 2 devices for convenience because the devices are used throughout the day and often at night.

How does the Pacey Cuff Work?

  • The cuff uses a urethral pressure pad (bottom) to apply pressure to the urethra and stem the flow of urine
  • The fenestrated hood (top) of the cuff ensures the circulation in the penis is not blocked
  • As the bladder fills, the pressure increases, resulting in possible leakage. The Pacey Cuff is most effective when you empty your bladder at regular intervals.

What to buy with Urethral Control Device

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How to use Pacey Cuff Ultra and Power Sleeve?

  1. Apply the power sleeve to the midshaft of the penis and attach the velcro
  2. It should be snug but not tight
  3. Now apply the cuff over the end of the penis and center it on the power sleeve
  4. Center the urethral compressor over the urethra
  5. Compress the top and bottom parts and secure the velcro strap noting the number. If you're uncircumcised leave the foreskin in its natural position
  6. After applying the cuff be sure that there's no pinching this can be checked manually and visually
  7. Empty the bladder every one or two hours by releasing the compression of the cuff. There is no need to remove the cuff or the power sleeve during urination.

How to adjust the Pacey Cuff Urethral Control Device?

If you have difficulty with leaking then follow these steps -

  1. Take off the cuff and turn it over to view the bottom. You can adjust the urethral compression pad by sliding it towards four for more tightness or towards one for less tightness
  2. Make adjustments in small increments, because even a small adjustment can make a big difference
  3. After adjusting, re-apply the pacey cuff and power sleeve

How to Clean the Pacey Cuff Urethral Control Device for Males?

Urine is sterile and washing the device with warm water is sufficient. The Cuff may be used while swimming or showering but must be dried thereafter.

Pacey Cuff Male Incontinence Device FAQ's

Q. How is the Pacey Cuff different from other devices?

A. The Pacey Cuff is a specific Urethral Compression Device which is designed for compression of the urethra to minimize leakage and also to protect the dorsal penis circulation so that ischemic pain from blood vessel obstruction does not occur.

Q. Should one wear a protective pad with the Pacey Cuff Ultra?

A. It is recommended to wear a protective pad with the Pacey Cuff to absorb any drops that may occur. Conditions such as bladder filling and vigorous exercise (ex. skiing, jogging, etc.) may increase the pressure on the bladder and result in some leaking. Recommended that regular voiding occur when wearing the Pacey Cuff (every 1-2 hours).

Q. What size penis does the Pacey Cuff work on?

A. Sizing the Pacey Cuff requires the user to make measurements of the penis and use the sizing chart. Some patients have found having 2 different sizes on hand to be effective for day or night use.

Can the Pacey Cuff Utlra be worn continuously throughout the day and night?

A. The Pacey Cuff is primarily for day use. Lessen the compression of the Pacey Cuff at night when there is less need for control. Discuss the use of the device over a 24-hour period with a medical professional. Always void every 1-2 hours, depending on fluid intake.

Contraindications - Consult the Instructions for Use provided, prior to use. Treat any existing skin infections before using the Pacey Cuff. Follow the instructions of your physician. Possible co-morbidities may impact the use of the device. (Discuss them with your caregiver or physician). Possible co-morbidities include but are not limited to:

  • Poor blood supply to the pelvic area
  • Diabetes may cause vascular disease, sensory loss, and skin issues
  • Neurologic deficiency or drug use may limit the use of the Pacey Cuff.

Note: The regular or continuous use of the Pacey Cuff may cause a modest enlargement of the penis. There are no other known side effects associated with the use of the Pacey Cuff. Skin irritation is possible if skin pinching is not prevented.

How to determine Pacey Cuff Size?

Step 1. Measure Circumference: Measure around non-erect penis at mid shaft.

*If your circumference measurement is between two sizes, choose the larger size. Measurement is mid-shaft, around relaxed (flaccid) penis.

Size Inches
Small 1" - 2.75"
Medium 2.75" - 4"
Large 4" - 5.5"


Step 2. Measure Minimum Penis Length: Measure length of non-erect penis from the body (base) to the tip.


Size Inches
Small 1.25"
Medium 1.75"
Large 2"



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