Murphy Ring Splints
Murphy Ring Splints

Murphy Ring Splints

Brand/Manufacturer: NORTH COAST MEDICAL
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  • Latex Free

Murphy Ring Splints are designed to give freedom of motion to people with swan neck deformity. They does so by restricting abnormal hyperextension of the digit and allowing free flexion at the proximal interphylangeal joint (P.I.P. joint). Murphy Ring Splints can be used for rheumatic disease or other conditions where swan necking of the P.I.P. joint occurs.

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NC15681-02 Stainless Steel, Ring Size 2, DIP/PIP Circumference: 4.0cm Each $74.99 $52.99
NC15685-02 Sterling Silver, Ring Size 10, DIP/PIP Circumference: 4.0cm Each $190.49 $129.49
NC15685-07 Sterling Silver, Ring Size 7, DIP/PIP Circumference: 5.4cm Each $190.49 $129.49

Murphy Ring Splint Features

  • Can be worn in water
  • Stainless steel spring wire are durable, hold their shape and do not rust
  • Sterling Silver is malleable and molds easier to fit slight differences in finger circumferences
  • Easily cleaned with cool, soapy water
  • Cosmetically attractive, adjustable, re-adjustable multiple times, and come in standard American ring sizes
  • Can be worn on many fingers of the hand at the same time
  • Can be used on the P.I.P and D.I.P. joints to provide strong lateral stability and joint protection
  • Can also be used upside down on the D.I.P joint to provide strong prehensive stability
  • All edges of the wire are round to allow the pressure of the splint to be spread over a larger skin area to reduce chance of skin breakdown during use
  • Tips of the wire where the splints are cut from the wire spool, are smoothed by hand to prevent any sharp edges from touching the patients skin
  • Appropriate for thumb IP joint splinting
  • To determine size, use the Murphy ring sizer or a standard ring sizer to measure the involved joint
  • Alternative sizing method is to measure the circumference of the applicable PIP or DIP joint
  • For half sizes, select the next larger size
  • Latex free

More On Murphy Ring Splints

Why splint Swan Neck Deformities?

  • To allow free functional grasp without manual movement of the affected joints from locked hyperextension to flexion.
  • To limit additional damage to the joint which occurs when the finger repeatedly moves from flexion to hyperextension.
  • To decrease swelling of the P.I.P joint. Decrease in swelling may occur in many cases after several months of splint wear.

How does the Murphy Ring Splint work?

After being fit correctly on the finger
  • The single wrapped end prevents the finger distal to the P.I.P. joint from moving into hyperextension, thus preventing the digit from becoming locked in the swan neck position.
  • The double wrapped end serves as an "anchor" to secure the splint proximal to the P.I.P joint.
  • The junction of the ends of the splint, under the P.I.P joint, does not block movement but allows free flexion of the digit.

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