Mabis DMI Heelbo INCH Quick Release Limb Holder
Mabis DMI Heelbo INCH Quick Release Limb Holder

Mabis DMI Heelbo INCH Quick Release Limb Holder

Brand/Manufacturer: MABIS DMI HEALTHCARE
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Mabis DMI Heelbo INCH Quick Release Limb Holder provides the perfect fit for the patient without cinching or tourniquet effect. It features soft, quilted material which is cool and comfortable. Its knotless clasps are simple to use and allow fast and easy access to the patient. It is large enough to accommodate arm boards.

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12042 Small, 11-1/2" x 3" Pair $18.65 $11.28
12042 Small, 11-1/2" x 3" 6Pair/Case $87.35 $57.99


  • Mabis DMI Heelbo INCH Quick Release Limb Holder is machine washable
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Easy to fit, and safe with its unique wrist adjustment that does not cinch or cause a tourniquet effect
  • Convenient hook and loop fasteners
  • Quick release loop accessory eliminates the need to undo knots
  • Easy to use secure fastening system
  • Indications: Designed for situations requiring patient control

More Information

  • Warning:
    - Inspect restraint before each use
    Destroy and discard if you observe any of the following:
    - Broken stitching
    - Frayed or cut fabric or straps
    - Broken, cracked or deteriorated buckles, rings, closures or other types of connectors
    - Other signs of deterioration
    - To ensure adequate circulation, do not overtighten
    - Always use with bed rails up
    - Do not affix straps directly to side rails
    - Bar on buckle must be on top when threading, or the webbing will slide out
    - Quick release techniques (snap closure, knots, etc.) should be used at all times
    - Not intended for home use
    - Improper use could result in death or serious injury
    - Consult internal policies/procedures regarding duration of use and patient monitoring requirements prior to use
    - Periodic user training recommended
    - Materials used in this product may be susceptible to ignition and burning
    - Do not expose this product to open fire, flame, or smoking materials
  • Instructions for Use:
    - Position patient limb and unit with hook pad closure facing up
    - Wrap unit around patient limb and secure with hook pad closure
    - Be sure the hook pad closure completely overlaps restraint when applying
    - Unit should be snug, but not too tight, to ensure adequate circulation
    - Disconnect male plug of closure
    - With middle bar in most raised position, thread 12" strap around and over middle bar
    - Adjust strap until there is approximately a 1" space between the male plug and the female receptor
    - Close buckle to secure unit, do not overtighten
    - Using quick release knots, affix strap securely to bed frame
    - Adjust strap length according to requirements
    - Utilize shorter strap length for greater control, longer strap length for freedom of movement

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