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Lifetone HLAC151 Bedside Vibrating Fire Alarm and Clock

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Lifetone HLAC151 Bedside Vibrating Fire Alarm and Clock provides your family with affordable fire protection and alerting in the event of a fire. The Lifetone alarm unit has audio and vibration alerting to notify deaf and hearing individuals. The Lifetone HLAC151 uses patented technology that actively listens for an alerting smoke alarm in your home. Upon hearing a smoke alarm, it combines four methods to wake you up.

Lifetone HLAC151 Fire Alarm and Clock Highlights

  • Audible Alerting
  • Audible Announcing
  • Tactile Alerting
  • Visual Notification

Features of Lifetone HLAC151 Bedside Vibrating Fire Alarm and Clock

  • Uses the alarms proven in research sponsored by the US Fire Administration as most effective for waking people
  • Works with your existing working smoke alarms – no installation, no wiring required (Note: the Lifetone HLAC is not a replacement for your current smoke alarm, but rather works in conjunction with it)
  • Needs nothing but a power outlet; plug it in, run it through a quick test to prove it detects your your smoke alarms, and it’s instantly on duty
  • Backup batteries last 7 days or more while still providing full-power emergency alarm signals. Uses common D-cell alkaline batteries for backup (included)
  • Big, easy-to-read time display with three brightness levels. It also alerts you if batteries are low or the bed shaker is disconnected, and a power icon flashes during power outages
  • Powerful water resistant bed shaker is included, but its use is optional. The shaker is monitored (supervised), with audio and visual alerts if unintentionally disconnected or damaged.
  • The HLAC is also your daily alarm clock with a 520Hz audible alarm and bed shaker to awaken you in the morning. (the wake-up alarm has a different signal pattern than the emergency alarm)
  • Dimensions: 8 1/2? L x 5? W x 4? H
  • Placing Lifetone HLAC151
    • Place a Lifetone HL in any room where someone will be sleeping for a safe and peaceful night of sleep.
    • Give yourself peace of mind, knowing your Lifetone HL will respond to the faintest of alarm sounds, ensuring that anyone sleeping near a Lifetone HL will be awakened in a fire emergency.
    • Provide a safer sleeping environment for yourself and your loved ones.

Lifetone HLAC151 Bedside Vibrating Fire Alarm User Manual

Lifetone HLAC151 Bedside Vibrating Fire Alarm Brochure

What to buy with Lifetone Bedside Alarm Clock

Instructions for Lifetone HLAC151 Alarm Clock

Lifetone HL uses patented monitoring technology to actively listen for the sound of your smoke alarm, and ignore all other sounds at the same frequency, about 3100Hz. When it detects your smoke alarm, it immediately initiates three different signals to wake you up: Special low pitched, 520Hz square-wave T3 alarm sound proven in controlled scientific testing as the most effective at waking people in a fire emergency. The Lifetone HL has a 85dB alarm signal - that;s like having someone start a lawn mower next to your bed. The Lifetone HL has a baritone voice that says "Fire! Get out!" in English or Spanish. The Lifetone HL has a visual signal on the backlit display that flashes the word FIRE. In a darkened room, the flashing display is another form of sensory stimulation to "break through" the fogginess of sleep. The Lifetone HL comes with a small bed shaker that will vibrate strongly when the alarm is triggered. Connect it for vibration notification.

Lifetone HLAC151 is not a smoke detector and does not detect smoke. Instead, it detects the alarm sounds made by smoke alarms and smoke alarm systems.

  • Make sure your existing smoke alarms are UL listed and compliant T3 smoke alarms.You must have properly installed UL listed and compliant T3 smoke alarms in your home before the Lifetone HL Bedside Fire Alarm and Clock will operate correctly. Read and follow the instructions and warnings that accompany your existing smoke alarms
  • Test your Lifetone HL Fire Alarm frequently with your smoke alarms.Press the red TEST/SILENCE button on the back. After the Lifetone HLAC151 test fire alarm stops, look for the icon on the display. Then go to your smoke alarm and press the test button on that. This test may identify smoke alarms in your home that are not functioning.
  • Keep noise levels in your home to a reasonable minimum during use. Your Lifetone HL Fire Alarm is at its best in a quiet environment next to your bed or in a nighttime sleeping area. Excessive noise may mask an emergency signal from your smoke alarms and may increase the amount of time to detect that signal.
  • Keep the Microphone Grille and Dust Protector free and clear. Do not cover the top of the unit with anything. The domed microphone area must be unobstructed to assure proper operation of the product.
  • Keep your Lifetone HL Fire Alarm connected to an electrical outlet. Check the red power lamp on the front to be sure the unit has not been accidentally unplugged. The Lifetone HL is not meant to operate on batteries alone for extended periods of time. Do not rely upon the batteries for normal operation. The batteries are for backup during power outages.
  • Do not plug your Lifetone HL into a switched electrical outlet (i.e., an outlet that is controlled by a wall switch).
  • Replace the batteries in your Lifetone HL as needed. Replace the batteries at least once a year in your Lifetone HL or more often if there have been frequent or extended power outages. The Lifetone HL will give an audio “chirp” once each minute and flash BATT on the screen to signal low batteries
  • Do not unplug the unit from AC power when you change the batteries. As long as the Lifetone HL has AC or battery power, it will preserve your setup information so that you don’t have to do the setup test again. When batteries are changed is also a good time to conduct alarm tests
  • Use the correct batteries in your Lifetone HL Fire Alarm. Use four (4) D cell alkaline batteries in your product. Do not use rechargeable batteries because they may damage your Lifetone HL Fire Alarm
  • Face the display screen toward you. The Display screen and speaker must faceyou to assure proper operation of the product
  • Attend to the notifications on the display screen. Smoke or fire emergency signals appear there. Other visual signals indicating normal operation and errors are shown on the screen. With the exception of the time-of-day colon, any flashing symbol is intended to attract your attention.

Lifetone HLAC151 Quick Start Guide

IMPORTANT: Place the Lifetone HL next to your bed, with the speaker facing your pillow

Step 1 - Powering the HLAC151

  • Remove the battery door from the back of your HLAC151.
  • Insert four D-cell alkaline batteries as shown in the illustration at right, matching the polarity signs (+ and –) in the open compartment. You should do this before plugging your HLAC151 into a wall outlet.
  • Replace the battery door securely. A ashing “TEST” on the screen tells you the batteries are installed correctly.
  • Plug the Lifetone HLAC151 into an electrical outlet near your bedside. Don’t use an outlet that is controlled by a wall switch.
  • You may plug in the bed shaker now or at any time after setup.
  • The word “TEST” continues to ash on the screen. Go to STEP 2.
  • Note: The HLAC151 operates on AC power. The batteries are only for backup during electrical outages.

Step 2 - Setup With Your Smoke Detector

  • The word “TEST” is fashing on the screen and your HLAC151™ says, “Press the red button to begin.” Press and release the red TEST/SILENCE button on the back.
  • “TEST” stops ashing and your HLAC151 says, “Please wait.”
  • After about 30 seconds, “TEST” starts ashing again and your HLAC151 says, “At the tone, test your smoke alarm.” This means it’s time to press the test button on your smoke alarm.
  • Go to the most distant smoke alarm you want detected. If your alarms are interconnected, use the nearest one instead. Press and hold the test button on the smoke alarm until the Lifetone HL alarm sounds, indicating a successful setup test. Between two and six T3 cycles (groups of 3 beeps) of the smoke alarm will be required. You’ll need to hold the smoke-alarm button down for 10 to 30 seconds.
  • If the test is not successful, try again using a nearer smoke alarm. You may try as many times as you like. Your HLAC151 will continue with this test until it is successful.
  • When the test is sucessful, the Lifetone HL™ alarm sounds and “ F I R E ” ashes on the screen.
  • When the setup test has nished, the“12 hr” option for the time display appears on the screen and your HLAC151 says, “Now, set the clock.” Go to STEP 3.
  • If the setup test has not been successful after several tries, the smoke alarm may not be issuing a T3 signal. See the section titled “TESTING THE LIFETONE HL in the Users Manual.

Step 3 - Setting the Clock

  • On the time display, “12hr” appears. To select 24-hour time, press + or – .
  • Press SET CLOCK. The hour will ash. To change the hour, press + or – .
  • Press SET CLOCK. The minute will ash. To change the minute, press + or –
  • Press SET CLOCK. The year will ash. To change the year, press + or – .
  • Press SET CLOCK. The small “M” and “D” will ash. To change to a day-rst display of the date, press + or –.
  • Press SET CLOCK. The month will ash. To change the month, press + or –
  • Press SET CLOCK. The day of the month will ash. To change the day, press + or – .
  • Press SET CLOCK. The “E” (for English) will ash. To change to Spanish (”S”) or French (”F”), press + or – . Press SET CLOCK again.
  • The clock will show the day of the week to the right of the date. If you prefer to display the year instead, press SET CLOCK again.

Note: When you need to reset the clock, press and hold SET CLOCK until “12hr” appears. Release the button, and then repeat all parts of STEP 3.

Step 4 - Setting the Wake-Up Alarm

  • If the wake-up hour isn’t already ashing, press and hold SET ALARM. Release the button when the wake-up hour ashes. To change the hour, press + or –
  • Press SET ALARM. The wake-up minute will ash. To change the minute, press + or –
  • Press ON/OFF to enable or disable the wake-up alarm. The bell icon at lower
  • You can use the HI LO slide switch to adjust the volume of the wake-up alarm. The emergency alarm always sounds at full volume.

Note: To change the wake-up alarm time, press and hold SET ALARM until the wake-up hour ashes. Release the button, and then repeat all parts of STEP 4.



Lifetone Technology HLAC151 Clock Warranty

2 Year Warranty

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