Crawford KerraFoam Gentle Border Foam Dressing

Crawford KerraFoam Gentle Border Foam Dressing



Crawford KerraFoam Gentle Border Foam Dressing is a sterile, super-absorbent foam dressing designed for exuding wounds. It helps in the healing process by reducing maceration and locking away exudate, bacteria, and MMPs from the wound. It protects the vulnerable parts of the patient body by evenly spreading pressure, reducing friction and shear and removing moisture and humidity from the skin.

KerraFoam Gentle Border Dressings Benefits

  • Smart absorbent core to manage exudate
  • Absorbs exudate under compression
  • Adheres to awkward areas of the body comfortably
  • Ideal Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate (MVTR)
  • No secondary dressing required

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CWL1010 3" x 3", Pad Size: 2" x 2" 10/Pack $1.20
CWL1011 4" x 4", Pad Size: 3" x 3" 10/Pack $1.50
CWL1012 4" x 8", Pad Size: 3" x 7" 10/Pack $2.54
CWL1013 5" x 5", Pad Size: 4" x 4" 10/Pack $1.92
CWL1132 6" x 6", Pad Size: 5" x 5" Each $0.28
CWL1132 6" x 6", Pad Size: 5" x 5" 10/Pack $2.67
CWL1135 7" x 8" Oval, Pad Size: 6" x 7" Each $0.36
CWL1135 7" x 8" Oval, Pad Size: 6" x 7" 10/Pack $3.51

Crawford KerraFoam Absorbent Foam Dressings Features

  • Manages Microclimate: Large holes in the silicone contact layer, a breathable film layer, and highly absorbent core work together to absorb and lock away moisture and reduce humidity – two of the biggest catalysts to skin breakdown.
  • Reduce Friction and Shear: Forces are both deflected by the anti-friction out layer and transferred into the layers of the dressing and elastic silicone adhesive, reducing the chance of breakdown.
  • Distributes Pressure: Comfortable and highly conformable, the multiple layers of the dressing help to distribute pressure evenly and reduce the risk of ulcers developing at pressure points.
  • Easily Repositioned and Replaced: Unique silicone makes it easy to lift and look at the intact skin and replace the dressing if it falls off the patient.
  • Maximize Absorption: Retains more amount of fluid, instantly locking harmful excess exudate away to prevent maceration and wound edge breakdown, whilst also reducing dressing change frequency.
  • No need for Secondary Dressing: Being secured to the wound through the soft silicone adhesive contact layer, there is no need for a secondary dressing.

KerraFoam Dressings Technology

  • Slides and Protects: The smooth outer film layer helps to reduce shear and friction, creates a water-resistant barrier and maintains an ideal MCTR
  • Glides: A soft inner pouch allows the layers to move freely, absorbing shear and friction forces that can damage peri-wound skin
  • Absorbs and Locks: Absorbent core and foam pad of dressing combines to lock in exudate, bacteria, and MMPs
  • Wicks: Unique horizontal wicking layer efficiently increases absorption capacity and reduces pressure points by distributing exudate throughout the dressing
  • Sticks: A soft silicone layer ensures gentle adhesion, excellent absorption rate, and non-traumatic removal

Design of KerraFoam Gentle Border Dressings

    Crawford KerraFoam Gentle Border Foam Dressing

  1. Outer Polyurethane Film Layer: A water-resistant and bacterial barrier, helping to create a moist protective healing environment
  2. Soft, Nonwoven Material: Helps to provide improved comfort for the patient
  3. Absorbent Core and Foam Pad: This super smart foam dressing is cleverly combined to both absorb and lock-in exudate, even under compression
  4. Unique Horizontal Wicking Layer: Efficiently distributes exudate, reducing the risk of maceration. Its high absorption capacity allows fewer dressing changes, prevents strikethrough, causing fewer disturbances to the wound.
  5. Silicone Adhesive Wound Contact Layer: Secures the dressing in position. Ensures less pain at dressing change for the patient. This layer adheres to dry areas of the skin but not moist areas such as the open wound.

When to use Crawford KerraFoam Gentle Border?

KerraFoam Gentle Border foam dressing is suitable for use on moderate to heavily exuding wounds such as:
  • Leg ulcers
  • Pressure ulcers
  • Diabetic foot ulcers
Also suitable for other similar wounds producing moderate to high levels of exudate

What to buy with KerraFoam Foam Dressings?

How to use KerraFoam Gentle Border Wound Dressings?

  1. Cleanse the wound/skin in accordance with local procedures. The peri-wound skin should be clean and dry to assist adhesion
  2. Select the appropriate size of dressing. For wounds, the dressing pad should overlap the wound by 3/4 inch. Do not cut dressing to size
  3. Remove one side of the release liner and apply the dressing to the skin or wound
  4. To assist adhesion, gently press the adhesive to the skin
  5. Smooth the dressing to facilitate good contact between the pad and the skin wound. Remove the remaining release liner
  6. Check the dressing at regular intervals and change according to the clinical condition of the wound, when saturated or per hospital protocol

Application Guide of KerraFoam Dressing
KerraFoam Gentle Border - Designed For Protection

Frequency of Change:
It can be left in place for several days. Check the dressing at regular intervals and change according to the clinical condition of the wound, when saturated or if the film has lifted/peeled off.

Known allergy or hypersensitivity to any of the dressing components:
  • Sodium polyacrylate
  • Viscose
  • Polyethylene terephthalate
  • Vinyl acetate
  • Polyurethane
  • Silicone

These foam dressing should not be used on:
  • Eyes, mucous membranes or tendons, due to the risk of dehydration
  • Any cavity or sinuses, as the dressing will swell on absorption
  • Dry wounds, as the absorption capacity may cause sticking to the wound or cause the wound to dry out and become painful
  • It is not a hemostat and should not be used on heavily bleeding wounds

Precautions to take while using KerraFoam Dressing

  • For external use only
  • Do not use if the dressing is damaged
  • Do not re-use. Re-using will cause cross-contamination
  • Do not cut the dressing – the dressing must remain intact
  • In case of clinical infection, consult a healthcare professional
  • Dispose of in normal waste if used in a household
  • Dispose of in special clinical waste if used in a clinical establishment
  • The use of oil-based products (e.g. lotions/ointments) may reduce the ability of the dressing to adhere to the skin and may reduce the absorption capacity of the dressing

Crawford KerraFoam Dressings Reviews

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