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Indeelift HFL-300 Human Floor Lift For Home Use

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Item #: HFL-300
Human Floor Lift (Without Chest & Waist Safety Belts)
Item #: HFL-300-D
Human Floor Lift (With Chest & Waist Safety Belts)

Indeelift HFL-300 Human Floor Lift is designed to help people in their homes or care facilities get up from the floor with or without assistance from others. It is made with plated and powder-coated, rugged-steel components and is engineered for safety and durability. It can be self-operated or assist-operated with the help of a companion or caregiver. Personal Human floor lifts are designed to lift people from the floor to a normal chair height, allowing them to stand or transfer with the least amount of effort.

Indeelift HFL-300 Power Lift Benefits

  • Lifts a person weighing up to 300 lbs. to a height of 21" above the floor
  • Beveled seat-front for easy slide-on access
  • Wired remote for convenient operation
  • Easy transfer to wheelchair
  • Self or Assisted operation
  • Small footprint for tight spaces
  • Powder-coated for easy cleaning
  • Standard AC power

Indeelift HFL-300 Human Floor Lift Features

  • HFL-300 lifts a person up to 300 pounds from the floor to a position seated at the height of a standard chair
  • At 21" height with rise-assist handle grips, the HFL allows just about anyone using it to stand with the absolute least expended energy and load on the extremities
  • Designed to be mobile and is easily rolled to any place in the home
  • It’s compact nature allows it to be stored in a typical closet like would a vacuum 
  • Can be easily rolled over to the person who has fallen for immediate assistance getting up from the floor 
  • A person living alone, places the HFL in a central location in the home, and instead of scooting or crawling to the phone to call for the assistance they move to the Human floor lift, slide or tilt themselves onto the seat, push the up button and less than a minute later they are up from the floor without any outside assistance.
  • The fallen person gets right back up and gets to move on with their day without having to call for help from family, neighbors, or emergency services personnel. When assistance is available, a companion or caregiver can roll the HFL right to the location of the fall and assist with mounting or raising if that is helpful.
  • The Human Floor Lift truly helps mobility challenged individuals regain and maintain their independence, privacy and dignity by allowing them to safely get up from the floor without outside assistance.

Indeelift Floor Lift Parts

  • Small Footprint and Easy Portability -The HFL is a portable lift that is rolled around similar to your average vacuum. The small footprint allows it to be positioned in many places other lifts simply cannot go. With a small radius, the HFL can go just about anywhere including most residential and all ADA accessible bathrooms.
  • Mounting Ramp Seat -The HFL patent-pending design includes a mounting ramp seat that eliminates the need to ever "lift" manually. With no complex cradles or harnesses to configure, the Floor Lift allows fall recovery to be simple and quick. A person who has fallen can be up from the floor to a normal seating position within moments.
  • Wired Remote - The wired remote has a 6’ (2m) retractile cord allowing the fallen individual to "self-operate" the lift or a caregiver to operate the lift while assisting the care recipient onto the lift as necessary. The wired remote has graphics indicating the up and down functionality. The wired remote is stored on the handle with the hanger clip.
  • Rechargeable Battery - The HFL-300 comes standard with a lithium-ion battery pack and an AC charger with cord that can be plugged into any standard 110V outlet.
  • Removable Rise Handles -The rise handles have been engineered to provide leverage for the seated party to assist in the process of standing once they are up from the floor. The arms can swing away from the seat if needed. They are also removable to allow for mount assistance or a direct transfer to a wheelchair or other destination - with no lifting required.
Components of Indeelift HFL-300 Human Floor Lift

What to buy with Indeelift Patient Lift


When to use HFL-300?

  • Intended for use by ambulatory individuals that can sit on and get up from a normal chair; those who might lose their balance and fall or stumble once and a while and need help getting up from the floor
  • Aging folks whether alone or as couples with a desire to stay in the comfort of wherever they call home, who are mobile but have difficulty getting up after a fall
  • The physically disabled, injured veterans, victims of accidents with lower extremity issues
  • Those challenged with Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, and other muscular and nerve degenerative disease who may be prone to falling with limited strength and the inability to get up
  • Stroke survivors and their caregivers

How does Indeelift HFL-300 Human Floor Lift for Home Use Work

  • An assistant rolls the HFL to the fall site
  • The fallen scoots or tilts onto the seat
  • Either party activates the lift, raising them from the floor
  • A moment later the individual is lifted to a height from which he or she can catch their breath before moving off the HFL to a standing position, wheelchair, or other surface

Indeelift Functionality

Powered by an linear actuator system and a rechargeable battery, it is designed and engineered to lift a person of up to 300 from the floor. The IndeeLift is portable for easy delivery to the fall location with a simple lift from the floor to a level where standing or transferring to a chair or wheelchair is possible.


How to operate Indeelift Patient Lift?

HFL-300 Human Lift Self Operation

  1. Keep the seat in the downward (home) position with the wired remote clipped to one of the rise assist handles
  2. After a fall, scoot yourself backwards onto the HFL’s mounting ramp seat
  3. Once fully seated in the center and to the rear of the HFL’s seat, press the “up” button on the wired remote. The motor engages and smoothly raises the seat to a height of 21”, then automatically stops. Note - This takes about one minute.
  4. Once the seat stops in the fully raised position, rest and catch your breath if needed. Then clip the wired remote back onto one of the handles
  5. Ensure feet are properly positioned for standing, then use the rise-assist handles to steady yourself
  6. Stand up, as you would from any chair

Note - Once you are back on your feet, return the seat to the fully downward (home) position and clip the wired remote to one of the rise assist handles, (so it will be ready to use again when needed). Always ensure there are no foreign objects below the seat before returning it to the home position.

HFL-300 Self Operation

HFL 300 Patient Floor Lift Assisted Operation

  1. Stand behind the HFL and place one foot on the back of the unit. Then gently tilt the HFL backwards by pulling the handle towards you. You can now pull or push to HFL to the fallen person.
    As you stop at the desired location, ensure there are no foreign objects beneath the seat before tilting the unit back to the upright (operational) position.
    Note - Never move the HFL with a person in the seat.
  2. Position the HFL directly behind the fallen person, with the mounting ramp seat as close to their posterior as possible
  3. Have the fallen person scoot themselves backwards into the mounting ramp seat, assisting them if needed
  4. Once the fallen person is fully seated in the center and to the rear of the HFL seat, have them place their hands on the rise assist handles and let them know you are about to raise the seat. When they are ready, press and hold the up button, as indicated by the arrow on the wired remote. The seat will rise for approximately one minute, then automatically stop.
  5. When the HFL has stopped, allow the recovered person to catch their breath and rest if needed. Place the wired remote back on the HFL and offer the recovered person your hand.
  6. Once they are ready to stand, assist them if needed as they stand up from the seat.

HFL-300 Assisted Operation

Indeelift Fall Recovery Patient Floor Lift User Manuals

Reasons to buy from HPFY

  • Customer care available 24/7 on chat
  • Safe and Secure shopping
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Authorized Retailer of most reputed brands in medical supplies and equipment

Indeelift HFL-300 Specifications

Particulars Specifications
Safe Working Load 300 lbs
Maximum Length 21"
Maximum Height (Low) 34"
Maximum Height (High) 52"
External Width 15"
Maximum Seat Height 21"
Wheels 5"
Total Weight 52 lbs
Lithium Ion Battery Pack Standard
Power Pack 1.5lbs
Standard 2-prong 110V AC Power 9’ cord
Operating environment >+5°C <+40°C


HFL-300 Patient Lift Warranty

One Year Warranty

Customer Reviews


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