Hudson Medical Ache-No-More Urethane Foam Pillow
Hudson Medical Ache-No-More Urethane Foam Pillow

Hudson Medical Ache-No-More Urethane Foam Pillow

Brand/Manufacturer: HUDSON MEDICAL
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Hudson Ache-No-More Urethane Foam Pillow is a unique pillow which addresses painful neck and back pain caused by improper head and neck support. Designed with a firmer cervical section to fully support the neck while reducing pressure and tension on the shoulders and arms. A soft foam top helps to gently cradle the head for a comfortable nights sleep.

Ache-No-More Pillow Key Points:

  • Reduces head and neck pain
  • Reduces shoulder and arm pain
  • Cradles, supports and positions
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Fits standard pillow cases

Hudson Ache-No-More Urethane Foam Pillow is discontinued by the manufacturer. You may look for the replacement. Click here for BodySport Memory Foam Pillow

Features of Urethane Foam Pillow

  • Reduces aches, pain and numbess, associated with incorrect sleeping posture
  • Unique fluid-flow, self-molding characteristics
  • Automatically reacts to the weight and temperature, custom molding to the head and neck and readjusting as user move for maximum support and comfort
  • Ideal for those with allergy to feathers, fibers or dust
  • Soft convoluted foam pillow
  • Cradles the head for comfort
  • Firm cervical roll supports and positions the head and neck in its natural cervical curve
  • Firm foam core for head elevation and neck alignment

More On Hudson Foam Pillow

Reduce Head and Neck Pain:
  • With a firm cervical support that correctly aligns your spin even when you change positions while sleeping. Helps alleviate discomfort for those who suffer with cervical arthritis, nerve root compression in the neck, old whiplash, muscle cramps or spasms. Keeps your neck muscles relaxed, your head comfortably supported and free from muscle tension and stress.

Reduce Shoulder and Arm Pain:
  • Proper positioning of the neck helps to avoid pressure and stressing of the brachial plexus (nerves to the arms) and cervical spinal cord. Reduces the discomfort associated with a tingling numbness or swelling as a result of sleeping incorrectly on your hand, arm or shoulder.

Cradle, Support and Position:
  • The head, neck and shoulders in a natural comfortable sleeping position whether you sleep on your back or your side. Muscles relax when the head, neck and shoulders are properly and naturally aligned reducing the likelihood of discomfort from aches or pains associated with incorrect sleeping posture.

The Ordinary Pillow:
  • Does not provide the support required to align your spine in its natural cervical curve when sleeping on your back or side. Instead, ordinary pillows are either too soft or too hard, too high or too low. They place your head and neck (cervical spine) in an unnatural position causing undue stress, pressure andtension on your vessels, nerves, neck muscles and ligaments. The results are often tension headaches, muscle spasm, stiff neck, poor circulation and shoulder pain. Also allergic reactions to feather filled cores are common.

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