Hoyer Presence Professional Power Patient Lift
Hoyer Presence Professional Power Patient Lift

Hoyer Presence Professional Power Patient Lift

Brand/Manufacturer: JOERNS HEALTHCARE
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Hoyer Presence Professional Power Patient Lift has been engineered and designed to handle almost any resident-handling task. The Presence can lift residents from the floor as well accommodate transfers to higher surfaces. The 500 lbs safe working load and greater spatial area make this lift a perfect fit for larger residents. The Presence comes standard with a powered base.

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  • Lift
  • Access Sling
  • Access Sling with Head Support
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  • Maintenance:
    - Make sure the lift moves freely on its castors.
    - Make sure the spreader bar is free to rotate and swing. Check the spreader bar is firmly attached to the boom
    - Ensure the mast is fully engaged into the mast slot and the mast locking device is securely tightened
    - Examine the sling hooks on the spreader bar and side suspenders for excessive wear. If in doubt - do not use
    - Make sure the legs open and close correctly
    - Operate the hand control to confirm the boom raises and lowers satisfactorily
    - Confirm the lift is not giving a low battery indicator when the hand control is operated. If a low battery is indicated, Do not use and place on charge immediately
    - Check the operation of the emergency stop button
    - Examine slings for fraying or other damage. Do not use any sling if damaged or if the sling shows signs of wear
  • Warning:
    Do Not:
    Lift a patient unless you are trained and competent to do so
    - Exceed the safe working load of the lift
    - Use a sling unless it is recommended for use with the lift
    - Attempt to maneuver the lift by pushing on the mast, boom or patient
    - Push a loaded lift at speeds, which exceed a slow walking pace (2.6 ft/sec)
    - Push the lift over the uneven or rough ground. Particularly if loaded
    - Attempt to push/pull a loaded lift over a floor obstruction
    - Park a loaded lift on any sloping surface
    - Use electric lifts in a shower
    - Use or store a lift in a wet or corrosive environment such as shower, bath or pool locations
    - Charge batteries in a bathroom or shower room
    Carry out the DAILY checklist located towards the end of the manual before using the lift
    - Plan your lifting operations before commencing
    - Familiarize yourself with the operating control and safety features of a lift before lifting a patient
    - Check the sling is suitable for the particular patient and is the correct size and capacity
    - Fit the sling according to the instructions provided
    - Check the safe working load of the lift is suitable for the weight of the patient
    - Carry out lifting operations according to the instructions in the user manual
    - Lock the wheels when lifting from the floor
    - Maneuver the lift with the handle provided. A foot push pad is also provided




 Maximum Overall Length


 Minimum Overall Length


 Maximum Overall Height


 Minimum Overall Height


 Safe Working Load


 Spreader Bar Maximum Height


 Spreader Bar Minimum Height (usable)


 Height at Maximum Reach


 Reach at Maximum Height


 Reach at Minimum Height


 Maximum Reach


 Turning Radius


 Legs Open - Internal Width


Legs Open - External Width 4.1"
Legs Closed - Internal Width 22.8"

 Legs Closed - External Width


 Overall Height of Legs


 Ground Clearance


 Front Twin Casters


 Rear Braked Casters


 Electric Shock Protection


 Class II


 Internal power source

 Degree of Shock Protection


 Type B


 Type B

 Intended operating environment

 >+5°C <+40°C

 Electrical Specifications


 24vDC rechargeable sealed lead acid type

 Battery Capacity

 3.2A Ampere hours

 Charger Rated Input

 100-240V AC 24 VDC 50/60Hz

 Charger Rated Output

 29.5 VDC, Max. 19W


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