Hoyer Elevate Sit To Stand Professional Patient Lift
Hoyer Elevate Sit To Stand Professional Patient Lift

Hoyer Elevate Sit To Stand Professional Patient Lift

Brand/Manufacturer: JOERNS HEALTHCARE
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Hoyer Elevate Sit To Stand Professional Patient Lift is an active lift designed to improve the lifting experience for both the caregiver and the patient. It is compact and sturdy with a Safe Working Load of 440 lbs. The Smart Monitor technology drives user compliance and lifts longevity and the Intuitive Push Pad assists with initiating movement. The Elevate has been designed to be configured either with or without a weigh scale. The weigh scale is seamlessly integrated with a digital display and user-friendly controls.

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  • Lift
  • Sling
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  • Hoyer Elevate Sit To Stand Professional Patient Lift includes:
    - Lift
    - Wallet containing documents
    - Hand control
    - Battery pack
    - Charging cord
    - Desk Top Charger/Stand
    - Spirit leveling device
  • One hand adjustable kneepad with infinite settings
  • Lightweight with a Best-in-Class Feature Set that Uniquely Prevents Caregiver Injuries and Drives Compliance
  • Angled, removable foot tray
  • Optional Scale
  • Smart Monitor:
    - The unique Smart Monitor control box is programmable and will accurately record and display vital lift utilization and service data. An easy to read LCD display provides the valuable information at the touch of a button
  • Kneepad:
    - The one hand adjustable kneepad can be adjusted to an infinite number of settings within the operating range while the patient is positioned in the sling
  • Foot Tray:
    - The foot tray is angled and utilizes a removable polymer cover that can be easily removed for cleaning. Additionally, the removable foot tray allows caregivers to provide patients with gait training while using the lift
  • Scale:
    - The scale was designed with intuitive controls that require very little product training for caregivers. The optional weigh scale can accurately weigh a patient up to 440 lbs
  • User Manual
  • Instruction Manual
  • Also Available Separately:
    - Hoyer Professional Deluxe Stand-Aid Sling (Code NA13499N)
    - Hoyer Professional Deluxe Stand-Aid Transport Sling (NA13502N)

More Information

  • Warning:
    Do Not:
    Lift a patient unless you are trained and competent to do so
    - Exceed the safe working load of the lift
    - Use a sling unless it is recommended for use with the lift
    - Attempt to maneuver the lift by pushing on the mast, boom or patient
    - Push a loaded lift at speeds, which exceed a slow walking pace (2.6 ft/sec)
    - Push the lift over the uneven or rough ground. Particularly if loaded
    - Attempt to push/pull a loaded lift over a floor obstruction
    - Park a loaded lift on any sloping surface
    - Use electric lifts in a shower
    - Use or store a lift in a wet or corrosive environment such as shower, bath or pool locations
    - Charge batteries in a bathroom or shower room
    Carry out the DAILY checklist located towards the end of the manual before using the lift
    - Plan your lifting operations before commencing
    - Familiarize yourself with the operating control and safety features of a lift before lifting a patient
    - Check the sling is suitable for the particular patient and is the correct size and capacity
    - Fit the sling according to the instructions provided
    - Check the safe working load of the lift is suitable for the weight of the patient
    - Carry out lifting operations according to the instructions in the user manual
    - Lock the wheels when lifting from the floor
    - Maneuver the lift with the handle provided. A foot push pad is also provided


Particulars Description
Maximum Overall Length43.3"
Minimum Overall Length41.0"
Maximum Overall Height65.5"
Minimum Overall Height48.4"
Maximum Height to Attachment Point64.7"
Minimum Height to Attachment Point39.2"
Turning Radius48.2"
Legs Open - External Width39.1"
Legs Open - Internal Width34.3"
Legs Closed - External Width24.8"
Legs Closed - Internal Width20.0"
Widest Point (between support handles)29.0
Overall Height of Legs4.7"
Ground Clearance1.4"
Front Twin Casters4.0"
Rear Braked Casters4.0"
Safe Working Load440l
Mast, Base and Boom Assembly127.3lb
Power Pack6.6lb
Base Assembly (not including battery)40.7lb
>Mast and Boom (not including battery)66lb
Foot Tray23.1lb
Electric Shock Protection
ChargerClass II
LiftInternal power source
Degree of Shock Protection
ChargerType B
LiftType B
Intended operating environment>+5°C <+40°C
Electrical Specifications
Batteries24vDC rechargeable sealed lead acid type
Battery Capacity 3.2A Ampere hours
Charger Rated Input100 to 240V AC 24 VDC 50/60Hz
Charger Rated Output29.5 VDC, Maximum 19W


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