Hollister InstaFlo Bowel Catheter System kit With Odor Barrier Technology
Hollister InstaFlo Bowel Catheter System kit With Odor Barrier Technology

Hollister InstaFlo Bowel Catheter System kit With Odor Barrier Technology


Hollister InstaFlo Bowel Catheter System kit With Odor Barrier Technology is designed to be easy to learn and use, and to help minimize the need for clinician intervention and maintenance. Odor barrier technology is included in the catheter tubing and collection bag and features 3-layer construction to help prevent odor permeation. The insertion date recording box provides an area to indicate the insertion date on the catheter. Green cap color allows clinicians to quickly find the sampling tube flushing port. Reducing the length of the tether for the catheter connectors makes them easier to use.

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33016 Bowel Catheter System Kit Each $26.20


  • Hollister InstaFlo Bowel Catheter System kit With Odor Barrier Technology includes:
    - Catheter
    - 2500mL disposable odor-barrier collection bag
    - 60mL luer syringe
    - Instruction booklet
    - Quick reference insertion guide
  • 64.5" or 163.8 cm collapse-resistant ring is designed to help minimize catheter expulsion and helps guard against leakage
  • Low-pressure retention cuff assists with holding tube in place
  • Low-impact zone is designed to help minimize impact on anal sphincter
  • Catheter connectors are color-coded and labeled for easy identification. Indicate retention cuff inflation status via pilot balloon and accept standard Luer tip syringes
  • Coated drain tube allows low friction that helps promote easy handling
  • Twist lock fitting connects securely to disposable odor-barrier collection bag
  • Sampling/Tube Flushing Port facilitates stool sampling while system remains in place and enables tube flushing
  • Overall length of InstaFlo Catheter: 64.5" or 163.8 cm
  • Diameter of inflated retention cuff: 2.08" or 5.3 cm
  • Effective outer diameter of folded ring prior to insertion: 0.75" or 1.9 cm
  • PSI of inflated retention cuff: less than 1 PSI or less than 0.007MPa

More Information

  • Useful information:
    - Ensure the retention cuff is inflated with 35-40 mL of water
    - Use a gentle tug and release to seat the retention cuff (approximately 1 cm of the blue tubing should be visible)
    - Be sure the low-impact zone is not twisted, the tubing is straight and free of stool, and the drainage bag is lower than the patient
    - Make sure the patient is not lying on the drain tube
    - Flush the tubing with water using the sampling/tube flushing port at least twice a day
    - Frequently strip the drainage away from the patient into the odor-barrier collection bag
    - Routinely cleanse any leakage from around the anus
    - Excessive leakage during use may be secondary to catheter occlusion with stool.
    - If leakage is excessive, consider discontinuing use of the InstaFlo system.
    - Patients with very weak sphincter function may expel the catheter under normal use
    - If expulsion frequency is excessive, consider discontinuing use of the InstaFlo system
  • Precautions:
    - Do not sterilize.
    - The InstaFlo Catheter is not intended for use longer than 29 days.
    Caution should be exercised in the use of this device with patients who may bleed easily due to anticoagulant/antiplatelet therapy or underlying disease conditions. Immediately consult a physician if rectal bleeding is suspected.
    - The InstaFlo Catheter is not recommended for pediatric use.
    - To avoid damage to the retention cuff, DO NOT contact with ANY sharp edge.
    - The InstaFlo Catheter may not be effective in individuals who have had their distal rectum significantly altered by surgical resection or reconstruction.
    - Patients with very weak sphincter function may expel the catheter under normal use, or may have increased leakage of stool compared to patients with normal sphincter function.
    - Caution should be observed in patients whose rectum may be altered by stricture due to radiation or affected with radiation proctitis.
    - Patients with severe tenesmus, or patients who experience tenesmus or severe pain after insertion of the device, may not tolerate the catheter in place.
    - Avoid inserting anything (e.g., thermometer, suppository, etc.) into the anal canal with the catheter in place to minimize the chance of patient injury or catheter damage.
    - Care should be taken when disconnecting the syringe from the CLEAR connector (IRRIG). Fluids may drain or splatter from the connector when it is disconnected.
    - Use WATER ONLY to inflate the retention cuff. Do not use saline solution, which may adversely affect valve function.
    - Do not use vigorous aspiration to remove fluid from the retention cuff. Vigorous aspiration may collapse the inflation lumen and/or pilot balloon, and may prevent deflation.
    - Do not allow ointments or lubricants having a petroleum base (e.g., Vaseline , petroleum-based hand/body lotion) to contact the catheter. They may damage the silicone and compromise the integrity of the device.
    - Use only Hollister branded bowel catheter collection bags with the InstaFlo Catheter.
    - Feces contain infectious material. Protect from splatter which may occur when disconnecting the collection bags or during catheter removal.
    - After use, this system is a biohazard. Handle and dispose of in accordance with institutional protocol and universal precautions for contaminated waste.
  • Contraindications:
    - Do not use in patients with known sensitivities or allergies to the materials used in this device.
    - Do not use if the patients distal rectum cannot accommodate the inflated volume of the retention cuff, or if the distal rectum/anal canal is severely strictured (e.g., secondary to tumor, inflammatory condition, radiation injury, scarring).
    - Do not use on patients having impacted stool.
    - Do not use on patients with a recent (less than 6 weeks old) rectal anastomosis or a recent (less than 6 weeks old) anal or sphincter reconstruction.
    - Do not use on patients with compromised rectal wall integrity (e.g., ischemic proctitis, mucosal ulcerations).
  • Warnings:
    (Failure to comply with the following warnings may result in patient injury).
    - Do not use if the package has been opened or damaged.
    - Do not use improper amount or type of fluids for irrigation or retention cuff inflation. NEVER use hot liquids.
    - Do not overinflate retention cuff.
    - Use only gravity or slow manual irrigation. Do not connect mechanical pumping devices to catheter irrigation connector (IRRIG).
    - Perform irrigations via the CLEAR connector (IRRIG) AND NOT via the BLUE connector (CUFF 35-40 mL H2O).
    - Blood per rectum should be investigated to ensure there is no evidence of pressure necrosis from the device. Discontinue use of the device if evident.
    - Abdominal distention that occurs while using the device should be investigated.
    - Excessive prolonged traction on the catheter, resulting in the retention cuff migration into the anal canal, could result in temporary or permanent clinical sphincter dysfunction or catheter expulsion. ADVERSE EVENTS (The following adverse events may be associated with the use of any rectal device.)
    - Perforation
    - Pressure necrosis
    - Loss of sphincter tone
    - Obstruction
    - Infection
    - Excessive leakage of fecal contents

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