H2OGym Flip N Go 606 Underwater Treadmill
H2OGym Flip N Go 606 Underwater Treadmill

H2OGym Flip N Go 606 Underwater Treadmill

Brand/Manufacturer: H2OGYM-US

H2OGym Flip N Go 606 Underwater Treadmill is a flexible training tool for rehabilitation and exercise. Professional athletes, college athletes or individuals like marathon runners use this underwater treadmill to recover themselves from sprains, strains and other injuries faster and with less loss of speed or endurance. Flip N Go 606 combines rollers for great action of the tread, simple fold and roll in a small space, plus the full length rails.

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606 Underwater Treadmill Each $129.47

H2OGym Flip N Go Underwater Treadmill

Key Features:

  • Stainless steel construction that adds durability
  • Small folded portable footprint is great for multipurpose facilities, swim spas, many therapy or training facilities, even backyard pools
  • Strong enough for commercial use while easily removed from the pool, folded and stored
  • Full length rails make the difference in performance for stability, gait training and all aquatic therapy and rehabilitation activities
  • Faster rehabilitation for knee and hip replacement with less pain and swelling when rehab and therapy prescribe aquatic treadmill therapy
  • Smoother movement comes with the full width rollers combined with the treadmill belt
  • Smoother movement is also better for athletes trying to run at maximum speed
  • Combination of rollers and flexible belt makes the Flip n Go easier to move for people working on Gait Training or Rehab
  • Supportive rails make the difference for people with different concerns- obesity, CP, MS, knee rehab, hip rehab, athletes - including marathon runners and triathletes
  • Portable for storage or for personal training at multiple locations
  • Exercise without pain and joint damage
  • Increase the speed and shorten the rehab time
  • Approx. installed size: 43"L X 28"W X 48"H
  • Approx. folded size: 18"L X 29"W X 48"H
  • Approx. installed weight: 56 lbs

Why exercise on the H2OGym Underwater Treadmill?

There may be several reasons for a workout on an Underwater Treadmill
  • For people not able to exercise on a land-based treadmill for many reasons, they will be able to burn the same or more calories when walking on an underwater treadmill at the same pace as walking on a land-based treadmill
  • Track coaches are beginning to require their track athletes to workout in the pool at least twice a week for 2 reasons - fewer injuries (esp. stress fractures) and exercise with increased resistance for potentially greater speed and endurance
  • Marathon runners and ultra marathon runners who want more "mileage" with less chance of injury will be able to run and increase the load

Benefits of Aquatic Therapy:

  • Water buoyancy helps to protect recuperating knees/ankles/hips
  • Great for overweight individuals looking for exercise, but unable to walk far enough out of the water to effectively burn calories while in the water, these individuals can walk the distance and burn the calories to put themselves on track for a healthier life
  • Water exercise supports and massages the body
  • Gait training is much simpler with fast results in the water
  • Aquatic exercise reduces pain and increases flexibility
  • Kidneys become more efficient with warm water exercise
  • All of the benefits of land exercise-without feeling the sweat
  • Water Exercise strengthens lung inspiratory musculature
  • Warm water exercise reduces Blood Pressure
  • Aquatic Exercise helps reduce blood pressure, stress and risk of injury
  • Warm water exercise may increase muscular blood flow by 250%
  • Warm water exercise reduces stress and autonomic arousal
  • Aquatic exercise may be one of the best therapies for spine injuries, MS, Cerebral Palsy, Fibromyalgia and many more

More On H2OGym Flip N Go Treadmill

Suggested Maintenance:

  • H2OGym equipment should be removed from the water and checked/inspected and rinsed with fresh water at regular intervals
  • The minimum interval is every month, although shorter intervals may be required
  • Shorter intervals should be determined by the facility managers to maintain safety and cleanliness of the product

Cleaning Instructions:

  • Simply rinse with fresh water
  • If there are spots on the stainless steel that require additional cleaning, "Bar Keepers Friend" available at most grocery in the cleaning supplies section is recommended
  • Stubborn spots can be cleaned with a cloth, "scotchbrite pad" or a plastic brush
  • Using "Bar Keepers Friend" helps to "passify" the stainless steel keeping it looking great for many years

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What are the dimensions of the treadmill and what is the dimensions of the belt that you walk on. Is the height of the handrails adjustable? If not how high are they? What is the warranty of the product? Can the belt be replaced if need be? Is it foldable when not in use otherwise my automatic pool cleaner would more than likely get tangled up in this especially the handrails. What is the incline of the treadmill? Please do not send me mail besides letting me know my questions are answered. Thank you. 
Karen - 5/27/2016 6:07:30 PM
answer image
Height of handrails is not adjustable. Belt can be replaced using the tool that is shipped with the treadmill. It is a simple procedure. This model is foldable. It is a patented feature. The treadmill should be removed from the pool when not in use- therefore the automatic cleaner would not be an issue. The Treadmill has 2 pairs of wheels allowing for very easy removal. I believe the incline is about 10 degrees. It is not adjustable. For all underwater treadmills the resistance is the movement of the legs through the water. The viscosity of the water is the primary resistance. This resistance can be increased by adding drag to the legs- the most common is to use fins that attach to the legs. One style that is popular are the leg bands from Aqualogix- they call them the Max Resistance Blades and the High Speed Blades. In addition, with the portability of the Flip ‘n Go model treadmill, it is easy to roll the treadmill to a different depth in the pool to achieve greater or lesser weight bearing for the client. This is relative to the client’s height and the desired weight bearing. Sometimes people ask about the ability to raise or lower the incline of the treadmill ramp. This comparison to land-based treadmills is not really valid- since the value for a land-based treadmill is that you begin to carry the body weight to an increased height vs gravity. Due to buoyancy, this is not really a relevant feature for a underwater treadmill. The only other way to increase resistance that I am aware of – is to place the treadmill in a current. Some pools are designed with a jet to contribute this feature. I hope that this information is helpful- please let me know how I can help- Thanks
Customer Care - 6/4/2016 1:44:00 AM
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what is the weight of the unit?

What is max weight of person using unit?

does the angle adjust?

jennifer - 9/2/2015 10:55:51 AM
answer image
Thank you for reaching out to us. The weight of the Model 606 is just under 60 pounds. 

When used in the water as it is intended, the manufacturer has not set a weight limit for people on the treadmill- since when you are immersed in the water typically up to your chest- the buoyancy reduces the effective weight ion the treadmill by approximately 70%. We have never had a problem with the weight limit. The angle does not adjust. 

The angle is set for effective movement on the treadmill. For an underwater treadmill compared to a land-based treadmill, the angle does not serve the same function. In the water the resistance is created by the water, not the angle of the treadmill. To increase the workload for the person on the treadmill, we suggest that the person take longer strides, reduce the depth of the water slightly- depending on the therapists recommendations, or add resistance fins to the walker(runner)’s ankles. 

There are a variety of ankle fins on the market that will increase the resistance and the workload for the person on the treadmill. Too often people that are not familiar with water exercise or aquatic therapy assume that the progression for the aquatic version of an exercise or process is the same in the water. Often that is not the case.
Customer Service - 9/3/2015 10:49:22 PM
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