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Users who have used the Givmohr Bilateral Sling confirm that the Givmohr Sling purpose encompasses shoulder pain relief. The Orthopedic Sling is designed to provide support to the arms of individuals with bilateral shoulder involvement. The bilateral Sling is considered the best sling for stroke patients that aids in facilitating thoracic extension. The GivMohr sling for shoulder subluxation after stroke is fashioned for maximum wearing comfort. It has a 4-tab lock to secure the crossed straps at the back to make the Givmohr Sling donning easier than ever before.

Givmohr Sling includes

  • Slings for both arms
  • Foam axillary pads
  • 4-Tab lock

Bilateral GivMohr Sling Benefits

GivMohr Sling Features

  • Securing the 4-Tab for optimal fit
  • Adding splint for proper wrist position
  • Adjusting hand piece for arthritic thumbs
  • Decreasing handle volume to accommodate distal motor return
  • Mix sling sizes to accommodate different body types
  • Mix sling sizes to accommodate different arm lengths (Bilateral)

  • How to use Bilateral Sling by GivMohr?

    Fitting the Bilateral GivMohr Sling

    1. Lay sling across the back and drape anterior straps over each shoulder with blue stripe against arms and "GivMohr" side of 4-Tab facing out
    2. Position 4-Tab low on back between shoulder blades
    3. Position hands into Handpieces
    4. Position Elbow Straps horizontally 1" below the elbow
    5. Adjust both straps at buckles to reduce the subluxation
    6. Reposition 4-Tab for optimum comfort and function
    7. Lock 4-Tab
    8. Adjust Handpiece if needed
    9. Adjust posterior straps to bring shoulders into neutral rotation

    For Proper fit

    Initial fitting by PT or OT is recommended to ensure proper fit. Check the following, if:

    1. Shoulder subluxation is reduced
    2. Shoulders in neutral rotation
    3. 4-Tab optimally positioned and locked
    4. Elbows in less than 30 degrees of flexion
    5. Elbow Straps set 1" below elbows and horizontal
    6. Wrist Crosses centered over wrists
    7. Handpiece positions accommodate contours of hands
    8. Blue Stripe against arms and "GivMohr" side of 4-Tab facing out.

    4-Tab Locking Instructions (Recommended)

    For maximum benefit, lock the 4-tab of your GivMohr Sling

    1. Correctly position GivMohr Sling
    2. Position the "unlocked" 4-Tab for optimum comfort and function. Avoid placing 4-Tab on the base of the neck. Greater comfort is typically achieved with the 4-Tab located low on the back (about the level of the bottom of the shoulder blade).
    3. Lock the 4-Tab in place by snapping the webbing under the locking hooks on all four Sides
    4. Re-check the overall fit of the GivMohr Sling and repeat if needed

    Handpiece Adjustment Instructions (Optional)

    For best results, these adjustments should be made by a therapist.

    Hand Opening Adjustment

    To accommodate girth/size of hand and position of wrist diamond. Optimal wrist control is achieved when wrist cross is directly over the wrist joint.

    1. Find Velcro attachments inside handpiece
    2. Carefully detach one side of elastic at Velcro connection
    3. Stretch or Release elastic to loosen or tighten as needed
    4. Reattach elastic at Velcro connection
    5. Repeat the above adjustment on the other side of the handpiece

    Flexion/Extension Wrist Adjustment

    This adjustment is rarely needed and should be made by a therapist.

    • Release both sides of Velcro
    • Rotate elastic position relative to Handpiece to increase flexion or extension
    • Reattach elastic to Velcro

    GivMohr Sling Manual

    What to buy with GivMohr Orthopedic Bilateral Sling

    Bilateral Sling Specification


    Height Range

    Weight Range


    Under 5ft (Less 1.5m)

    80 to 100 lbs (36 to 45kg)


    5ft to 5ft 4" (1.5m to 1.6m)

    100 to 140 lbs (45 to 64kg)


    5ft 3" to 5ft 10" (1.6m to 1.8m)

    135 to 185 lbs (61 to 84kg)


    5ft 10" to 6ft 4" (1.8 to 2.0m)

    180 to 235 lbs (82 to 107kg)


    Over 6ft (Over 2m)

    Over 235 lbs (Over 107kg)


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