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Fitterfirst Travel Roller

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FROLTROBL Blue, Dimension 13" x 4.3" $1.65
FROLTRO Black, Dimension 13" x 4.3" $1.65

Fitterfirst Travel Roller is a dual-density portable sized foam roller that improves muscle recovery and fatigue, prevents common overuse injuries and increases blood flow. The non-deforming minimalist technology with compact and ergonomically correct size enables the user to self-massage the body, helping restore mobility faster and most effectively. The cutting edge earth-conscious Travel Roller design has washable and replaceable foam coverings that are rubber and PVC free. It is made with closed cell, waterproof foam, eco-friendly toxin free TPE. Travel Roller is evolution of the foam rollers and its size and design make it firmer than them. The possible positive results from regular use are astounding and have accounted thousands of satisfied users.

Travel Roller features:
  • 2 layers of foam for variable massage
  • Durable design that does not deform
  • Extra firm for deepest massage
  • Hollow inner storage compartment to store personal items or the 3 varying density acupressure balls
  • Allows the user to roll through the entire body – shoulders, quads, IT band, lower back, upper back, armpit, hamstrings, calves, feet and neck

Travel Roller: Why to Roll?

Doctor Recommended

Doctor Recommended
Travel Roller is Doctor Recommended by many of the top physiotherapist and chiropractors. Foam rolling is an excellent tool to release soft-tissues that aid in the recovery of injuries. Foam rolling can assist in preventing injuries by controlling the trauma that occurs and correcting the problem before it escalates to impair body function. Foam rolling allows a constant exchange of nutrients and wastes at the cellular level and keeps a steady blood flow to stiff joints and muscles.

Optimal Wellness

Optimal Wellness
Travel Roller is not just for young athletes but for all ages. By rolling daily one will maximize the recovery of body and optimize the function of the muscular system. Taking good care of the body by self-therapy is a great way to achieve optimal wellness. Foam rolling using the Fitterfirst Travel Roller helps remove the inhibitory processes associated with daily stress and strain on muscles. This will keep the body stable, limber and more capable to start leading a healthy lifestyle.

Athletic PerformanceAthletic Performance

Foam rolling is a technique that can restore function to muscles that have lost integrity due to repetitive movement and hard training. By applying the foam roller to the involved areas and releasing the soft-tissue, the repair and restoration of full integrity will allow the athlete to recover faster. Improved stability of the muscular system will allow for greater strength, stamina, power, mobility and flexibility, which are all required by the athletes to perform at their best.

Mobility and StabilityMobility and Stability

Trauma, thoughts, toxins and techniques breakdown the natural alternating pattern of the body joints leading to asymmetries, mobility loss, injuries and decrease in joint range of motion. As the fascia compensates and thickens, it starts to turn the muscles from elastics into straps! This all further leads to the neuro-muscular conditions of inhibition and dysfunction. A non-deforming ergonomically correct body roller is thus required to self-treat the entire body and can be taken everywhere.

Myofascial ReleaseMyofascial Release

Myofascial release is a soft tissue therapy that is used for the treatment of the skeletal muscle immobility and pain. This alternative medicine therapy aims at relaxing the contracted muscles, improving blood and lymphatic circulation, and stimulating the stretch reflex in muscles. By rolling the Travel Roller daily one can maximize the recovery of the body and optimize the function of the muscular system. It will lead to a healthy lifestyle.

Manage Back PainManage Back Pain

Bodies that are held in upper and lower crossed syndromes tend to be restricted in many other planes of movement and cause back pain. It is believed that these overwhelming conditions need to be generally dealt with to uproot the deeper imbalances or to operate the fascial lines with freedom and ease. Travel Roller can be used to manage and minimize the back pain. It is extra firm for deepest massage and gives positive result on regular use.

Pain ManagementPain Management

Myofascial trigger points are hypersensitive areas of the body and keep a part of the muscle or surrounding soft tissues contracted. They can cause a person pain, burning, tingling, weakness and restricted motion. Studies have shown that around 93% of all pain patients are seeking medical aid for pain presented with myofascial trigger points. Therefore, the Travel Roller can be used as a great pain management tool.

Strengthen CoreStrengthen Core

Travel Roller is an amazing way to tone the body not only by foam rolling through sore muscles and kinks but it also has a secondary benefit that it is a great core exercise. Travel Roller will definitely warm up the core as one dynamically moves the body around it. Users can effectively strengthen their shoulders, glues and core by maneuvering themselves around on the ground daily in an alternating glute bridge, and plank core positions.

Travel Roller: How to Roll?

Upper Back

To roll your back: Start with your glutes on the ground and the Travel Roller positioned behind the thick part of the upper back. Put your hands behind your head cradling your neck. Walk your feet backwards and forwards rolling up and down your upper back muscles. For beginners keep your hips on the ground and for more advanced lift your hips off the ground into a high glute bridge applying more load to the upper back towards the traps.

Shoulders and Lats

Lie on your side and position the Travel Roller under your armpit or your latissimus (lats), and work it in a rocking and rolling technique. Slowly use the compression and rocking side to side to work out the tight restrictions of the shoulder and lats while effecting the lateral fascial line. Start by rolling your shoulders and lats with your palm and body facing up, rolling your lats on the back side of the body and then transitioning to the deep armpit in the middle.


Feel energy and vitality return to your body in minutes by rolling through tired and tight calves. To roll your calves, start by tripoding on your hands and sitting on the ground, positioning the Travel Roller under one calf muscle. You can increase the intensity by stacking the other foot and crossing your legs as well as lifting your glutes off of the ground. You can further increase the intensity by rocking your ankle side to side while rolling back and forth.


Start by supporting your upper body with your arms and roll from your knees towards your glutes, back and forth, in a circular motion. For deeper release you can sit on a chair and position the Travel Roller deep within the hamstrings. Combine foam rolling stimulation with daily active stretching. Beginners: move the leg up and down dynamically, working your way into the hamstring stretch and advanced: aim for a perfectly straight leg with a past flat foot.


Start by sitting on the center of the foam roller, with one foot crossed to the opposite knee. Place your hands on the floor to sport your upper body. With small precise movements, rock and roll the glute on your bent leg. Try rolling 3 compartments of your glutes, 5 Rolls x 3. Rotate your body to create new angles, to get deeper into the layers of the glute muscles. It gives us strength, makes the hip function and fills out our jeans nicely!

Iliotibial Tract

Iliotibial Tract (IT Band)

Position your body on its side, supporting yourself on the hand or forearm, positioning the Travel Roller on your bottom thigh muscle, and your upper leg bent in front with your foot placed firmly on the ground. Position the roller on the IT band in a static compression and then rock your body forward and back on the quad to hamstring along the length of the IT band. Be precise and if it hurts too much, stop or put more weight on the supporting leg.

Lower Back

Lower Back

Positioning your body, facing up with your lower back on the foam roller, position the roller on one erector spinea muscle outside of the vertebral column. Roll each side of the lower back muscles separately. DO NOT roll your spine on your lower back through the middle. If you feel the rolling going into the middle of your spine, reposition your body slightly off to one side. Not recommended for individuals with injured lower backs.



Place the Travel Roller under your neck like a pillow, lying on the ground with your body facing up. Slowly rock your head side to side to massage deep into the skull and neck muscles, use only the weight of your head and the firm density of the roller. Keep repositioning the foam roller in your scull and neck. Perform belly breathing while relaxing during this position. This is a great to do right before you go to bed to rejuvenate and restore your spine and neck.



Position yourself facing down in a front plank position with one thigh resting on top of the foam roller and the other leg/knee supported off the roller on the ground. Use your core to bridge and contract your abs, try to keep you spine and neck in neutral alignment. Roll slowly back and forth on the foam roller, while adding subtle side to side rocking actions from just above your knee to just below your hips. To add more intensity to the quad rolling try out bending the knee you are rolling.

More About Travel Roller


The non-deforming construction allows the user to work deeper into the belly of the muscle, therefore it is advised to approach the Travel Roller with experience and care. It highly recommended to seek the expertise of a certified physical therapist, massage therapist, or chiropractor with the use of the Travel Roller or any other body rolling tool.

Click Here for User Manual


  • Travel Roller carries 1 year warranty

Customer Reviews


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Liza     02/07/2017

What is Travel Roller made of?


Customer Care    02/07/2017

Travel Roller is waterproof foam around the hard plastic tube and is made with closed cell, eco-friendly toxin free TPE.



Nick     02/07/2017

How is the Travel Roller better than acupressure balls?


Customer Care    02/07/2017

With the Fitterfirst Travel Roller one can work on a larger area because the roller has more surface to work on. It allows to explore, more possibilities for massage, better regulate the amount of pressure on any one area and is easier to roll across the body with long passes. The acupressure balls require more effort to stay balanced and the effort sometimes create unwanted tension.



Helena     02/07/2017

Is it washable?


Customer Care    02/07/2017

Yes, Travel Roller has washable and replaceable foam coverings.


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