Ergoactives Tucane Ergonomic Cane
Ergoactives Tucane Ergonomic Cane

Ergoactives Tucane Ergonomic Cane

Brand/Manufacturer: ERGOACTIVES LLC

Ergoactives Tucane Ergonomic Cane helps to reduce spinal injuries/ back pain by providing the user with a proper posture just by walking with the cane. It is an advanced walking assistant that emulates a hip and is a new innovative concept that substitutes conventional canes. The Tucane advanced cane system assists the user to walk in a correct, straight and comfortable way, reducing and avoiding back pain caused by incorrect posture.

Item #DescPkgRewardPrice 
A014 Small, Orange, 4ft 8" To 5ft 2" Each $6.95
A014 Small, Gray, 4ft 8" To 5ft 2" Each $6.95
A014 Small, Black, 4ft 8" To 5ft 2" Each $6.95
A014 Medium, Orange, 5ft 3" To 6ft Each $6.95
A014 Medium, Gray, 5ft 3" To 6ft Each $6.95
A014 Medium, Black, 5ft 3" To 6ft Each $6.95
A014 Large, Orange, 6ft 1" To 6ft 7" Each $6.95
A014 Large, Gray, 6ft 1" To 6ft 7" Each $6.95
A014 Large, Black, 6ft 1" To 6ft 7" Each $6.95


  • Ergoactives Tucane Ergonomic Cane moves forward with the leg with the use of the springs located in the grip handle of the device when the user walks
  • Is more than a cane, its a third hip
  • User can adjust it to its exact height
  • Shoe tip will automatically adjust while the user walks, simulating the ankles joint
  • Tip is made of a special anti-slip rubber, and a special design with shock absorbers designed to absorb impact and vibration with the ground
  • Soft-rubber handle and shock-absorbing design reduces the impact of the different anatomical structures of the hand, elbow, and shoulder, while preventing inflammation of the joints
  • Not only is the most advanced cane system available on the market, but it is also an innovative aesthetic design in the cane industry
  • To adjust the height a ring and secure button are located on the lower shaft of the cane
  • Provide better support for the users back due to the correction in posture, something that other canes have not been able to do
  • Mimics the hips natural movement while providing stability at any angle
  • Helps to reduce spinal injuries and back pain by providing the user with a proper posture
  • Designed for patients who undergo hip surgery and need extra hip support
  • Virtually a mirror image of the actual human hip, and is equipped with Ergoactives patented shock-absorbing technology
  • Has a lock-button in case the user want to use it as a regular cane
  • Prevents the sliding of the feet over the floor by providing correct posture during gait
  • Design of the neck reduces the vibration and impact against the ground that transmits to the hands, elbows and shoulders, preventing carpal tunnel syndrome as well as bursitis of the shoulder and elbow
  • Combined with an ergonomic handle and patented four-angle shoe cap, this sleek and innovative design makes it stand apart
  • Cane tip equipped is based on an advanced medical anti-slippery and extra strong rubber
  • During the walk, it will simulate the foot and ankle joint articulation, allowing for a perfect walk (Heel-Flat-Toe) and reducing impact and vibration from contact with the ground
  • Grip handle is manufactured from a soft, ergonomic rubber
  • Made up of nylon, fiberglass, aluminium and rubber
  • Latex-free
  • Spring Automatic Impulse
    - In the handle of the Tucane, Ergoactives has placed an automatic spring system technology that provides an impulse to the cane, pushing it forward as the user lifts the cane
    - Just by having the cane close and at the same level of the hip, the user has the ability to have their back straight while the user walk with the cane, and the spring system technology will always be pushing the cane forward
    - The user only needs to lift the cane for the spring to be activated in order to push the whole cane forward
  • Walking Support
    - With its spring mechanism located on the handle, this cane system is propelled as the user lifts the cane, providing a feeling that the cane is walking automatically as the user lifts it from the ground
  • Vibration Absorption
    - The grip of it absorbs the vibration from the canes impact with the ground
  • Weight:
    - Small : 3lb
    - Medium : 3.1lb
    - Large : 3.2lb
  • Weight capacity : 242.51lb (110 kg)

More Information

  • Instructions Setup
    - Loosen the ring by rotating it counter-clockwise, and then press the button to extend or shorten the cane to the desired height
    - The canes handle must reach the hip
    - Once set, please release the button to the closest hole and turn the ring clockwise to close
  • How to Walk with Tucane
    - Please observe that the handle has an anatomic profile for the users comfort
    - On the grips top, there is a special hump that is designed for the users handgrip
    - The bottom of the grip also has two grooves for the fingers
    - It is important to understand that one of the main advantages of the Tucane cane system is the fact that it promotes an adequate stand during gait or walking
    - Please stand straight with the shoulders at the same height
  • Walking with Tucane
    - The handle must be close to the users hip
    - With the Tucane in the right position, please flex the index fingers
    - Please do not press the other fingers or the hand over the handle
    - Do not pull or raise the Tucane
    - Keep your arms in a 20 to 30 degree angle
    - When the user starts walking, the leg that moves first should be the one in the same side of the body as the Tucane
    - The cane has an automatic spring system on the handle that pushes the cane forward as the user walks, without much force
    - The cane will advance with the users limb by just lifting it from the ground and releasing the pressure on the handle. (Remember: the Tucane should always be next to the hip.)
    - Repeat the cycle and remember to stand straight while looking forward, not to the floor
    - Avoid sliding your feet over the ground while you move forward

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