Drive PillowFit Deluxe Nasal CPAP System
Drive PillowFit Deluxe Nasal CPAP System

Drive PillowFit Deluxe Nasal CPAP System

Brand/Manufacturer: DRIVE MEDICAL
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  • Prescription required
  • Latex Free

Drive PillowFit Deluxe Nasal CPAP System is intended to provide and interface for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) or bi-level system. It is created for quiet PAP therapy while maximizing comfort through a lightweight, minimal facial contact design with three different size nasal pillows for superb user fit. For the best fit and minimized leak, it includes three pillow sizes, and has been developed with a 360 degree rotating elbow connection with silicon tubing and a simple strap design.

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100NP-NH CPAP System without Headgear Each $99.99 $71.99


  • Drive PillowFit Deluxe Nasal CPAP System is to be used by adult patients (>66Ib/ 30kg) for whom positive airway pressure has been prescribed
  • The mask is for single-patient re-use in the home environment and with proper cleaning multi-patient re-use in the hospital/ institutional environment
  • It is latex free
  • Made of silicone
  • Product Weight: 0.13 lbs
  • Product Height: 6.73"
  • Product Length: 13.06"
  • Product Width: 6.41"
  • Note: Headgear not included
  • NOTE: Prescription can be faxed to 1.203.616.2851 or emailed to [email protected]

More Information

  • Fitting your Nasal PillowFit Mask
    - Attach the pillows on the platform. Make sure the tenons are ?tted. Your new PillowFit will already have the pillows attached
    - Attach the pillow set into the main frame. Make sure the platform concave is ?tted to the main frame protuberance. Match the L and the R on the platform to the L and R on the frame
    - Plug the tube into the main platform
  • Fitting your PillowFit Deluxe Nasal
    - Insert the head strap and fasten it
     The same with the other side
  • Fitting your PillowFit Deluxe Nasal CPAP System
    - The same with the other side
    - Both head straps are now ?tted
    - Hold the pillows at your nose, and pull the headgear over your head
  • - Adjust top straps (over tightening may cause excess pressure on your nose)
    - Adjust each end of the back strap
    - Adjust the angle of the pillow to ensure it sits comfortably - Now the nasal pillow mask is ?tted and ready for use
    - Fasten the air tubing through top strap. The tubing can be positioned in the center
    - If the pillow mask pulls on your nose, increase length of tube between mask and top strap
  • Cleaning the Headgear
    - Hand wash the headgear weekly or as needed
    - Lay the headgear flat or line dry
  • Cleaning the interface
    - The cushion, nasal interface, and tubing should be cleaned daily or as needed
    - Hand wash in warm water with a mild liquid dish washing detergent
    - Do not use bleach, alcohol, or cleaning solutions containing alcohol
    - Do not use cleaners containing conditioners or moisturizers
    - Rinse thoroughly
    - Pat with a towel and air dry completely before use
    - Inspect all parts for damage or wear, replace if necessary
  • Warnings:
    - This mask is designed for use with CPAP or bi-level systems recommended by your health care professional or respiratory therapist. Do not wear this mask unless the CPAP or bi-level system is turned on and operating properly. Do not block or try to seal the exhalation port.

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