Devilbiss IFill Personal Oxygen Station

Devilbiss IFill Personal Oxygen Station

Brand/Manufacturer: DEVILBISS
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  • Prescription required
  • Made in USA

Devilbiss iFill Personal Oxygen Station provides unmatched flexibility and ease of use. The iFill unit extracts purified oxygen from room air using oxygen concentrator technology and pressurizes it to fill oxygen cylinders. This system makes it easy and convenient for users to fill portable oxygen cylinders in their homes and gives them greater freedom to come and go. Help fill cylinders in shorter times to save energy costs.

IFil Personal Oxygen Station Benefits

  • Intuitive Design 
  • Competitive Performance 
  • Variety of iFill Cylinders

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  • iFill Station (Model)
  • 870 Post Valve Cylinders
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IFill Personal Oxygen Station Features

  • Devilbiss IFill Personal Oxygen Station intended for use in supplying pressurized oxygen to fill oxygen cylinders for patients’ ambulatory use
  • Intended to provide 93% (±3%) oxygen
  • Can be used with your existing concentrator fleet
  • Large cylinder release ring is designed for individuals with limited dexterity, requires little pressure to depress
  • Easy-roll casters make iFill easy to move and store when not in use
  • Control panel light signals when cylinder is filling and when its full
  • Automatically shuts off when filling is complete
  • Fills M6 cylinders in just a little over an hour
  • Easily tops off partially-filled cylinders
  • iFill makes it easy and convenient for customers to fill portable oxygen cylinders in their homes to give them greater freedom
  • Intuitive design is easy to use, simply align the cylinder’s nipple connector with the fill connector on the unit and click into place
  • Simple 3-step operation
  • Ergonomic design with easy-roll casters make iFill easy-to-move and store when not in use
  • Can be used in homes, nursing homes, patient care facilities, etc
  • Click Here For iFIll Oxygen Station Guide
  • Note: This item will take 3 to 4 weeks build time to ship

What To Buy With Oxygen Station?

Why Choose IFill Oxygen Station?

  • iFill PD1000A PulseDose Cylinder:
    •  Quickly delivers a clinically optimal bolus of oxygen (per liter setting) deep into the lungs, volume of oxygen is consistent, regardless of breathing rate, eliminating the need to adjust settings during exertion
    •  Intuitive click-stop prescription control knob lets users easily choose among eight common prescription settings
    •  Approximately 50 days of battery operation (2 lpm prescription setting, 20 bpm, 4 hours/day), continuous flow mode requires no batteries
    •  Large cylinder release ring is designed for individuals with limited dexterity, requires little pressure to depress
  • iFill Continuous Flow Cylinder:
    •  0.5 to 6 lpm continuous flow
    •  Single lumen cannula
    •  Brass fittings
    •  No batteries required
  • iFill 870 Post Valve Cylinders:
    •  Can be used with most conserving devices
  • Intuitive Design:
    • The DeVilbiss iFill Personal Oxygen Station is the only stand-alone oxygen filling station on the market. With the unique design, a patient can use and store his or her iFill virtually anywhere in his or her home, minimizing disruption to the patients life. Additionally, the iFill can be used in conjunction with any concentrator.
  • Variety of iFill Cylinders:
    •  iFill provides the flexibility to fill most cylinder sizes including M4, M6, ML6, C, D and E, using the PulseDose Oxygen Conserving Device interface or Regulator interface. iFill cylinders are also available with a standard 870 Post Valve in sizes M4, M6, ML6, C and D for use with any conserving device or regulator. (Note: iFill must be used with an iFill Cylinder.)
  • Competitive Performance:
    •  iFill lets users fill their cylinders in just a little over an hour, not the two hours it can take with other in-home oxygen filling units. Shorter fill times save energy costs. Partially filled cylinders can be easily topped off. And the iFill will automatically shut off when filling is complete.
  • Oxygen Supply Times Chart:
    • The chart below reflects the number of hours an oxygen-filled cylinder will last when used with a PulseDose Conserving Device or a Continuous Flow Regulator. Note: All ambulatory ranges are calculated assuming a breath rate of 20 breaths per minute in PulseDose (PD) mode. (See Specification Tab)
  • Danger:
    •  Electric Shock Hazard. Do not disassemble. The DeVilbiss iFill Personal Oxygen Station contains no user serviceable parts. If service is required, contact your Sunrise Medical provider or authorized service center.
    •  Fire Hazard. Do not lubricate. Do not allow grease or oil from your hands or other source to come into contact with the regulator or cylinder valve connection. These solutions may be flammable and cause injury.
    •  Keep the personal oxygen station at least 5 feet (1.6m) from hot, sparking objects or naked sources of flame. Position your unit at least 6 inches (16cm) from walls, draperies, or any other object that might prevent the proper flow of air in and out of your oxygen station. The oxygen station should be located so as to avoid pollutants or fumes.
    •  Oxygen causes rapid burning. Do not smoke while your personal oxygen station is operating, or when you are near a person utilizing oxygen therapy. Keep the oxygen station at least 5 feet (1.6m) from hot, sparking objects or naked sources of flame.
    •  Do not lay the cannula down while the cylinder is delivering oxygen. High concentrations of oxygen can cause rapid burning.
  • Warning:
    •  Do not install, assemble, or operate this equipment without first reading and understanding this instruction manual and the oxygen cylinder warning label. If you are unable to understand the warnings, cautions and instructions, contact your provider or technical personnel if applicable before attempting to install or use this equipment - otherwise, injury or damage may occur.
    •  The use of this device is limited to an oxygen patient. Cylinders MUST be used ONLY by an oxygen patient and are not to be distributed to any other individual for any purpose. Do not use parts, accessories, or adapters other than those authorized by Sunrise Medical.
    •  NEVER block the air openings of the product or place it on a soft surface, such as a bed or couch, where the air opening may be blocked. Keep the openings free from lint, hair and the like.
    •  If the oxygen station has a damaged cord or plug, if it is not working properly, if it has been dropped or damaged, or if it has been submersed in water, do not use and call a qualified technician for examination and repair.
    •  If any leakage of the oxygen cylinder is detected, do not attempt to use the cylinder. Turn the rotary selector on the regulator to OFF. If leakage persists, place the cylinder outdoors and notify your Home Health Care Provider or Service Representative of this condition.
    •  The personal oxygen station is equipped with a High Pressure Relief Valve to ensure the users safety. When activated, this safety feature will make an extremely loud noise. If this noise occurs, turn the unit off and contact your Home Health Care Provider or Service Representative.
    •  Before moving or repositioning the personal oxygen station, always disconnect the AC power cord. Failure to do so may result in damage to the unit or personal injury.
    •  Children should always be supervised around the personal oxygen station. Failure to do so may result in damage to the unit or personal injury. Improper use of the power cord and plugs can cause a burn, fire, or other electric shock hazards. Do not use the unit if the power cord is damaged.
    •  For your safety, the oxygen cylinder must be used according to the prescription determined by your physician.
    •  Under certain circumstances, oxygen therapy can be hazardous. Seeking medical advice before using oxygen is advisable.
  • Indicator Panel Label:
    • Service Required (Red) LED
    • Filling (Green) LED 
    • Full (Green) light
    • Standby (Green) light
  • Using iFill Personal Oxygen Station:
    • Plug the power cord into the wall outlet.
    • Set the rotary selector on the cylinder to “OFF.”
    • Remove the cover from the iFill’s filling port.
    • Align the cylinder’s nipple connector with the filling port. Press until cylinder ‘clicks’ into place.
    • Push the start/stop switch on the control panel.
    • When filled, remove the cylinder by pushing down on the white collar surrounding the filling port. When doing so, be sure to steady the cylinder with your other hand.
    • Lift the cylinder up to remove from the iFill station.
    • Oxygen will escape from the iFill’s filling port for a short time after the cylinder has been removed. This is normal.
    • Replace the cover on the filling port.
  • Cleaning the Filters:
    •  Unplug the personal oxygen station from the wall outlet.
    •  Remove the two filters, one on each side.
    •  Clean filters with a vacuum cleaner or in soapy water – rinse thoroughly.
    •  Dry the filters thoroughly before reinstallation.
  • Cleaning the Exterior Cabinet:
    • Wipe the exterior cabinet with a cloth or sponge dampened with a mild household cleaner. Wipe dry
    • Only if necessary, wipe the filling port with a clean, dry, lint-free cloth.

IFill Oxygen Station Specification



28.5"H x 12.25"W x 22.5"D

Oxygen purity

93% +/- 3%

Sound level


Filling time

75Min ( M6 cylinder )

Electrical Requirements

115V, 60Hz, 4.1Amps

Power Consumption


Cylinder top off


Product weight



ModelFill Time (Minutes)Weight (lb)Oxygen Duration
(Hours at 2 lpm + 20 bpm)
M4 PulseDose603.52.9
M4 870 Post603.1-
M6 PulseDose754.14.1
M6 CF Regulator 753.91.4
M6 870 Post753.9-
ML6 PulseDose904.84.3
ML6 CF Regulator904.61.4
ML6 870 Post904.6-
C PulseDose1305.66.1
C CF Regulator1305.42.0
C 870 Post1305.4-
D PulseDose2157.210.5
D CF Regulator2157.03.5
D 870 Post2157.0-
E PulseDose3509.817.2
E CF Regulator3509.65.7

Oxygen Station Warranty

3 years or 8000 hours warranty whichever comes first

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