Bestcare BestLift PL400E Electric Patient Lift
Bestcare BestLift PL400E Electric Patient Lift

Bestcare BestLift PL400E Electric Patient Lift

Brand/Manufacturer: BESTCARE LLC
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Bestcare BestLift PL400E Electric Patient Lift is Designed to provide the perfect combination of patient safety, weight capacity and maneuverability. This lift is manufactured to meet the needs of the general patient population in hospitals and nursing homes. Caregivers appreciate the ease of operation and patients are reassured by the stability and overall comfort provided.

BestLift PL400E Patient Lift Highlights -

  • Low base
  • Digital scale accessory
  • Emergency lowering device
  • Heavy duty multi tilt spreader bar
  • Full Body Floor Lift
  • Easy Base Opening/Closing
  • Emergency Backup System
  • Dual User Controls For Greater Reliability

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BestLift PL400E Patient Lift Features

  • Dual Controls, onboard and corded remote
  • Ability to lift the patient from the floor
  • Spreader bar works with 4- or 6-Point Slings
  • Foot pedal base opening for wheelchair/commode access
  • Low base height (4.9") provides maximum stability and fits under lower beds
  • Includes overload and low-battery warning alarm
  • Built-in battery gauge
  • High Capacity Battery Pack
  • Emergency Stop button
  • Overload protection
  • Battery Charger works on 110-120VAC 60HZ or 220-240VAC 50HZ
  • Bestcare BestLift PL400E Electric Patient Lift User Manual

How to use Bestcare PL400E Electric Patient Lift?

Transfer From Bed to Wheelchair -
  • User/patient should be in the center of the bed
  • Position user onto his/her side by rolling user towards you
  • Roll the sling in approximately half. The handle on the back section should face outward when the sling is fitted
  • Position the sling under the user/patient so the commode aperture aligns with the base of the spine and top of the sling close to the neck
  • Roll user onto the opposite side and position him/her on the flat section of the sling
  • This will allow one to unroll the remainder of the sling from the other side of the user
  • Once the sling has been positioned centrally, feed the leg sections under the thighs and draw them up between the thighs
  • Raise the head of the bed if this function is available
  • Move the lift slowly towards the user and position the spreader bar over the user’s/patient’s chest.
  • Attach loops of the sling to the hooks on Spreader Bar
  • Lift the user above the bed by using the hand control.
  • Pull lift away from bed. Position user over the wheelchair or chair then lower the patient onto the surface
  • Reverse the above procedures when returning the user/patient to bed

Transfer From Wheelchair to Bed -
  • Grasp the sling at each corner of the “U” shape of the commode aperture
  • The sling should be fitted with the grab handles on the back section facing outward
  • Help the user lean forward slightly, then slide the sling down between the chair and the user’s back
  • Position the commode aperture where the buttocks meets the seat
  • Position the sling equally around both sides of the body
  • Draw the leg sections to the front along the length of the user’s thigh
  • Check the sling’s central positioning by comparing the lengths of the leg sections when they are drawn forward
  • Reposition the sling if the leg sections are not equal in length.
  • Feed the leg sections under the thighs.
  • From between the legs, gently pull the leg section up the inner thigh. Feed as much material as possible under and between the thighs. Ensure the leg sections are positioned midway under the thighs to provide good support and greater comfort
  • Move the lift slowly towards the user and position the spreader bar over the user’s chest
  • Attach loops of the sling to the hooks on Spreader Bar
  • Lift patient above the wheelchair by using the hand control
  • Pull lift away from wheelchair. Position patient over bed and lower patient onto bed
  • Reverse the above procedures when returning the user/patient to a wheelchair

Maintenance and Inspection

  • The operator of the lift shall inspect the BestLift before each use. Check all bolts for tightness. Make sure the base can be easily widened, and that all lift parts are in place. Make sure that casters can be turned freely, and that caster brakes can be engaged. Make certain all necessary items (i.e. slings, and wheelchairs, etc.) are ready for use
  • At least once a month, the lift should be thoroughly inspected by a person qualified to recognize any signs of wear and tear, and looseness of bolts or parts. Replace any worn parts immediately
  • To lubricate, put a drop of oil on the following points when the BestLift is placed into service and every month thereafter: Top of Mast, Spreader Hinge, and Caster Axles

Safety -

  • Special care must be taken with users/patients who cannot themselves provide assistance while being lifted. (i.e. patients who are comatose, spastic, agitated, or otherwise severely handicapped.)
  • The BestcareLift PL-400E should be used solely for transferring a user/patient from one utility (beds, chairs, toilets, etc.) to another. The patient lift should not be used for transporting or moving any patient from one location to another location
  • During lifting or lowering, whenever possible, always keep the base of the lift in the widest position
  • The base of the lift should be closed before moving the lift
  • Do not roll casters over any object while the user/patient is in the sling
  • Do not lock casters during lifting
  • While being lifted in a sling, always keep the user/patient-centered over the base and facing the caregiver operating the lifter
  • Maximum weight that can be safely lifted is 400 pounds

Warning -

  • Do not put anything (e.g. cushion, pad, etc.) between the user and the sling. This may cause the user/patient to slide out of the sling and cause injury
  • Avoid personal injury by making sure no children or pets are near the Bestcare Lift PL-400E while it is being used
  • Avoid personal injury by making sure all extremities (such as fingers, arms, legs, or feet) are clear of the lift mechanism while it is in operation
  • Avoid personal injury and possible damage to the PL-400E by making sure the maximum weight limit of 400 lbs. is not exceeded
  • Avoid personal injury by making sure the battery charger is disconnected before conducting any electrical inspection
  • Avoid damage to the PL-400E by keeping foreign objects from coming into contact with the lift mechanism

BestCare PL400E Patient Lift Specification

Weight Capacity400lbs
Spreader Bar Maximum Height68"
Spreader Bar Minimum Height28"
Base Closed External Width26"
Base  Closed Internal Width22"
Base Open External Width37"
Base Open Internal Width34"
Base Height4.7"
Mast Height48"
Overall Length40"
Unit Net Weight109lbs
Lockable CastorsYes

Bestcare Warranty

Warranty PeriodProduct/Component
Three (3) YearsPatient lift frame or spreader bar
Two (2) YearsActuator, control box, pendant, charger, weigh scale, Stand Aids ( all components of STA400 & STA450), or casters excluding normal tread wear
One (1) YearBattery or hydraulic pump
Six (6) Months Reusable fabric slings

Click Here for Bestcare BestLift PL400E Electric Patient Lift Warranty Card

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