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BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer Portable Breath Alcohol Tester

Smartphone Breathalyzer bottom view Smartphone Breathalyzer side view BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer Portable Breath Alcohol Tester


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1.75"x 2.75" x 0.63"

BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer Portable Breath Alcohol Tester is the most accurate breathalyzer that connects to the smartphone wirelessly via Bluetooth. This revolutionary device quickly and easily estimates the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) using police-grade Xtend Fuel Cell Sensor Technology to offer the highest level of accuracy and consistency available.

Benefits of Bactrack Mobile Breathalyzer

  • Consistent and Precised BAC Results
  • Sensitive Enough for High BAC Testing
  • No False Positives
  • Long-term Reliability
  • Faster Warm Up Time
  • Longer Battery Life

What are Mobile Breath Testers?

BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer Portable Breath Alcohol Tester is the most accurate breathalyzer used for the detection of alcohol in the breath. Xtend Fuel Cell Sensor Technology is used in this breath tester that estimates the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC )easily and accurately. It is portable and easily connected to iPhone and Android devices via Bluetooth. Backtrack Mobile Breathalyzer has other more features like:
  • Compatible with most iOS and Android devices
  • Gives the user the opportunity, before the test, to guess the BAC level, compare perception to actual numbers and see whether the user guesses get better over time
  • Allows the user to track and attach notes or photos to the results, what the user drank and ate, who the user was with, and how the user felt; personalize results to make more meaningful
  • Bluetooth enables a simple wireless connection between BACtrack and the user's device so the user doesn’t have to breathe into the phone, and can see the app’s prompts and results as the user blow
  • Mobile Breathalyzer is powered by a battery that can be recharged via the micro-USB cable provided
  • The same police-grade technology, i.e. Xtend Fuel Cell Sensor is used which is trusted by hospitals, clinics, and law enforcement
  • Mini solenoid internal breath pump ensures the most accurate and efficient breath capture for testing
  • Bluetooth breathalyzer has a small, compact size
  • Zero Line Technology helps to estimate when BAC will return to 0.00%, empowering the user to make smarter decisions while drinking
  • The free BACtrack companion app saves and tracks BAC results over time and can even help the user call an Uber if the user have had too much
  • Provides the most accurate results because of police-grade Xtend fuel-cell sensor technology
  • Includes washable and disposable mouthpieces to improve accuracy by collecting the highest quality sample, and to allow the user to test others safely
  • Offer a faster warm-up time, a benefit when conducting high volume and back-to-back tests
  • Low power requirements enable up to 300 tests on one battery charge
  • Allows for quick and easy recharging via micro USB cable
  • Saves and tracks BAC results over time, including optional photos, notes and drink logs
  • Extended sensor life helps pro-grade models maintain accuracy for up to thousands of tests, delivering long-term reliability
  • Pro-grade models produce the most consistent and reliable results. For example, they are more likely to show the same test result when someone is tested repeatedly in a very short period of time. This means this breathalyzer can easily handle multiple high-frequency tests
  • Pro-grade models are consistently accurate at higher BAC concentrations. If someone is very intoxicated, for example at 0.22% BAC, these models are more likely to provide an accurate test result as compared to semiconductor models, which are less accurate at higher BAC values
  • The linear response of the Pro Series’ Xtend Fuel Cell Sensor Technology provides precise results over the complete range of alcohol concentrations expected in the breath, from 0.000 to 0.400 % BAC. The breathalyzer's grades can accurately detect trace amounts of alcohol and reliably handle very high BACs
  • Privacy and Sharing features are also available so that users can choose with whom to and where to share the results

How Mobile Breathalyzer Works?

  1. Breath into the breathalyzer and results are sent wirelessly to your iOS or Android device.
  2. See accurate reading and a ZeroLine estimate of when your BAC will reach 0.00%.
  3. Decide what comes next: Save number? Test someone else? Switch to water? Hand over the keys?
  • Micro USB Charger is provided
  • Simply use the cord to plug the unit into a USB slot on your computer and charging will begin
  • USB cord only charges the device, no data is transmitted.

How to Use Mobile Breathalyzer?

  1. If the user would like to use a mouthpiece, attach it to the breathalyzer
    • NOTE- Using a mouthpiece is optional and does not affect the performance of the breathalyzer; however it does provide a hygienic way to test others
  2. On a mobile device, press the “Take a Reading.” button
  3. A countdown clock appears while the sensor in the breathalyzer warms up
  4. When the screen on the mobile device reads, “Blow now,” take a deep breath, and blow into the mobile breathalyzer continuously until all the bars are illuminated
  5. It should take about five seconds, and the user might hear a click towards the end, that’s the air pump pulling air across the sensor
  6. Once the breathalyzer has analyzed the sample, it will communicate the reading to the mobile device and the BAC value will display
  7. When finished testing, hold the Power Button on Mobile Breathalyzer for 2 seconds to turn it off

What Bactrack Portable Breathalyzer Includes?

BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer Alcohol Tester comes along with:
  • Deluxe Carrying Pouch
  • Micro USB Charger
  • 3 Mouthpieces
  • Instruction Manual

How to Connect Bactrack Breath Alcohol Tester with Mobile?

  1. Download the BACtrack Mobile App from the App Store onto your mobile device.
  2. Go to Settings on the mobile device and make sure Bluetooth is switched on.
  3. Pairing takes place within the BACtrack App, but Bluetooth must be switched on in settings first.
  4. Press and hold the power button on the BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer for two seconds, then release, powering it on and allowing it to be found
  5. No cords or adapters are needed
  6. Open the app from the home screen and press the “Pair your BACtrack” button.

What to Buy with Bractrack Portable Mobile Breath Tester?

Precautions taken while using Mobile Breathalyzer
  • Do not blow smoke, food, or liquids into the breathalyzer
  • This will damage the sensor
  • Do not test in areas with strong winds, smoke
  • Send the breathalyzer in for periodic calibration service as required. (See Verification and Calibration.)
  • This breathalyzer is designed to be used in a temperature range of 32-104 °F (0-40 °C)
  • Avoid testing in the presence of any substances that contain methyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol or acetone
  • These substances may interfere with the results of the test
  • You cannot use the results of this product in court
  • Do not use this breathalyzer as a tool to determine whether the user should operate a motor vehicle or equipment, or perform any other dangerous act
  • Do not drink and drive
  • Always have a designated driver when alcohol is being consumed
  • Unlike other electronic devices, your breathalyzer shouldn’t be ignored for long periods of time
  • The sensor inside it is delicate and can dry out if left unused for too long
  • In order to keep it in good working condition, its recommend that you blow into it at least once a month, even if you don’t plan on using it
  • Breathing into the unit regularly keeps the sensor moist and in good working order
  • Sensors that dry out can sometimes require more frequent calibration
  • BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer contains a Lithium-Ion battery, for correct disposal, it should be recycled
  • Risk of Explosion if the battery is replaced by an incorrect type
Important Information:
  • For most accurate results, it’s important to wait at least 15 minutes after smoking, eating or drinking before testing
  • This is a universal principle for all breathalyzers
  • The reason being is that if someone has recently consumed alcohol, the residual alcohol in the mouth is very high and can cause a false reading
  • Additionally, waiting 15 minutes allows the alcohol to be absorbed from the stomach into the bloodstream, contributing to more accurate test results.

Backtrack Mobile Breathalyzer Specifications

Dimensions1.75" x 2.75" x 0.63"
Weight1.7oz (47g)
Mouthpieces3 Included
BatteryRechargeable with included micro USB cable
Sensor TechnologyXtend electro-chemical fuel-cell technology
Warm up TimeAbout 10 seconds
Blowing Time5 seconds
BAC Range0.000% to 0.400%
Operating32°F to 96.8°F (0°C to 36°C)
Compatible DevicesiPhone 4S, 5, 5S, 5C; iPad 3, 4, iPad Air, iPad Mini 1 and 2; iPod Touch 5; Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, and other Android 4.3 smart devices equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 LE

BACtrack Mobile Brethalyzer Warranty

1 year limited warranty

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