AliMed Antimicrobial Gait Belt
AliMed Antimicrobial Gait Belt

AliMed Antimicrobial Gait Belt

Brand/Manufacturer: ALIMED

AliMed Antimicrobial Gait Belt contains silver ion antimicrobial agent that controls odor and inhibits the growth of bacteria, molds, yeasts, and fungi on the belts surface for the life of the product, while also remaining supple and easy to use. Caregivers use gait belts for ease of patient transfer.

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70257 54" Each $42.99 $25.99
70256 70" Each $49.99 $28.65


  • AliMed Antimicrobial Gait Belt is washable and disposable
  • Available in Dark Blue/Light Blue and White striped combination with a metal buckle
  • Made of high quality 100% cotton

More Information

  • Directions for Application:
    - Gait belts are worn by the patient to give the clinician a secure hold while transferring or walking a patient. They can also be worn by the clinician to provide the patient with a secure hold, instead of wrapping their hands around the clinicians neck. It is not to be used as a safety restraint in a wheelchair, chair, or bed. The woven cotton is durable and easy on the hands of the person gripping
    - Place the belt around patients waist, not around chest
    - Snap the two ends of the plastic buckle together. If you do not hear the click, undo buckle and reattach. If using metal buckle belt, then thread through buckle
    - Grip belt by sliding hand upward under the belt with palm facing toward the patient
  • Length Adjustment:
    - Shorten: Hold the closed buckle in one hand. Grasp the portion of the belt closest to the patients body with the other hand. Push the belt toward the belt buckle to shorten the length. Pull the loose portion of the belt to remove the excess material loop.
    - Lengthen: Hold the closed buckle in one hand. Grasp the loose portion of the belt and push toward the buckle. Then grasp the portion of the belt closest to the patients body and pull to remove the excess material loop at the buckle.
  • Care:
    - Belt may be washed in a commercial or domestic washer/ dryer. Belt will retain antimicrobial properties for the duration of its life given multiple washings. Belt may also be soaked in an enzyme soaker to remove stains. Belt can be easily sanitized using long lasting silver -based spray, such as Spectrum 24 .Dispose of belt at end of life as you would other gait belts.
  • Note on Silver Antimicrobial agent:
    - Belt is saturated with a silver ion nano technology solution, providing life time antimicrobial properties. Agent is Agion silver, which has been shown in tests to be non- harmful to humans but effective against a range of bacteria and viruses.

Customer Reviews

Questions & Answers

question image
Can you use the belt with multiple patient's without cleaning as long as not soiled?
Brent - 6/21/2016 8:33:43 AM
answer image
Thank You for contacting Customer Service. Single patient use; helps reduce spread of infection. Dispose of gait belt after patient is discharged
Customer Care - 6/22/2016 12:14:21 AM
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