Frequently Asked Questions on Shower Chairs

Do portable shower chairs last long enough?

Chairs that are designed for use in the bathroom are robust, well made and suitable for long term use in wet conditions. Therefore you should have no issues with the chairs quality for long term use.

Why should one use a shower chair?
Sometimes, due to an injury, handicap or just age getting in and out of the bath can become a difficult and potentially hazardous experience. In such cases you can use the shower chair to shower without strain or undue effort.
How are wall mounted shower chairs useful?

Wall mounted chairs are convenient when there is lack of enough space in the bathroom. The wall-mounted shower chairs come with many options including the easy height adjustability, and to fold away when they are not required.

How much weight can the shower stool bear?
A shower stool can bear upto 250 lbs weight safely.
How much space does a shower stool need?

A shower stool will fit into a shower as narrow as 13 inches.

How to clean a shower chair?

In order to clean the shower chair wipe down with wet cloth and mild soap or disinfectant. Then let it air dry.