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Frequently Asked Questions On Heavy Duty Manual Wheelchairs

Bariatric wheelchairs provide all the desired features to accommodate heavy weight individuals in a safe and effective manner. These include extra weight capacity, reinforced cross braces, or simply a wider seat pan or seat width, and various other design features to ensure that there is reliable durability to handle the extra support. Weight capacity of these heavy duty wheelchairs is over 550 lbs and they are upto 30? in seat width.

Bariatric wheelchairs offer features that provide a good deal of independence to the bariatric patient. It eases the burden on their caregivers as the patients can manage some of the daily tasks by themselves.

Bariatric wheelchairs are designed for users who require extra space for the ultimate comfort. Heavy duty wheelchairs are specifically for users with a larger body frame.

Weight capacity for Heavy duty manual wheelchairs ranges from 350 lbs. to 700 lbs.

The main difference between standard and heavy duty manual wheelchairs is the extended weight capacity of the latter. The Seats of a HD wheelchair are made of reinforced material to provide extra support and comfort. Bariatric wheelchairs are extra wide to accommodate larger individuals. The frame of theses chairs are made of heavy duty PVC material or Lightweight reinforced metal tubing for extra safety.

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