Frequently Asked Questions on ABC Mastectomy Bras

Can one wear a breast form without pocketed post mastectomy bras?

Yes, this is possible. However, it is more effective to wear pocketed mastectomy bras because these have been developed specially to hold the breast form weight. ABC post-mastectomy bras offer the security one may need.

Why ABC compression post mastectomy bras?

ABC compression mastectomy bras enhance blood circulation to the chest. The increase in blood flow assists in faster recovery from the surgery. ABC compression bras have Velcro straps for a better fit with special front closure.

How to launder ABC post mastectomy bras?

ABC post mastectomy bras should preferably be hand washed. They can be machine washed but only after being placed in a lingerie bag. It is recommended not to put these bras in a dryer as the heat can damage the elastic or molded bra cups.

How long will my breast form last?

Breast forms have a life expectancy of two years. Insurance and Medicare allow you a new breast form every two years.