Frequently Asked Questions on Urinals/Bedpan

What is a bedpan?

A bedpan is a portable device made of metal, glass, ceramic or plastic receptacle that is used for toileting facilities for patients who are bed-ridden or have limited mobility.

How to clean the bedpan after use?

Bedpan, which is reusable, should be washed thoroughly after each use. This helps it stay clean of germs and also keeps it free from odor. It needs to be cleaned with hot soapy water followed by an anti-bacterial spray. Toilet bowl-cleaning products that contain bleach and anti-bacterial ingredients can also be used for its cleaning.

How to clean the patient after bedpan use?

Gently roll the user on his side. Clean buttocks with toilet paper and then wipe the area thoroughly using a wet washcloth or wet wipes. You could also use soap and water. If the patient is a female, clean with a front-to-back motion. Pat or wipe dry the area between the legs.