PF Pillows LLC manufacture cervical support pillows . PF Pillow combines comfort and proper support in a remarkable, hand-crafted feather pillow with cervical support built in.
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Manufacturer: PF PILLOWS LLC
$112.95 $68.95
Save Upto 40%
Manufacturer: PF PILLOWS LLC
$112.95 $70.95
Save Upto 40%

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The tracheostomy inner cannula tube should be cleaned two to three times per day or more as needed. Cleaning is needed more immediately after surgery and when there is a lot of mucus buildup. Suction catheters must be cleaned after ...
Tracheostomy is a surgical opening creating oxygen, but generally requires at least some means of humidification. Most pediatric trach tubes consist of a single cannula. Standard maximal pressure for children ranges from 80–100 mm Hg. ...
Paraplegia is defined as an injury to the spinal cord below the first thoracic spinal nerve which results in loss of feeling and movement to the legs. However, it usually have arm movement but perhaps not finger. It results in ...
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