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Wrist braces are special supports that wrap around the wrist to sustain and immobilize the wrist in case of injuries, strains or sprains. The wrist supports and palm protectors are good to provide heat and compression to the ligaments, helping in relieving pain. They are intended to upkeep the ligaments and joints of the wrist when they become impaired or injured. The injured wrist requires to be restrained in order to recover. Restricted movement reduces the chance of further injury. Wrist support bands and wrist support wraps aid to that immobilisation. At HPFY you will find wrist braces of all styles and with different utilities. Be it a carpal tunnel wrist brace or neoprene wrist brace, wrist support products for arthritis or wrist support for joint injury. We have it all. Try these braces to pace up your rehabilitation today.

What Is A Carpel Tunnel Syndrome?

A common condition of the wrist that requires bracing is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in which the median nerve gets compressed causing pain, numbness, tingling and loss of sensation in thumb and three fingers excluding the small finger. It is a repetitive overuse injury that may be caused due to repetitive movements like typing or hammering. Wrist splints for carpel tunnel syndrome are mostly worn in the night as the recovery paces up at night. Sprains or ligament stretches can lead to unbearable pain and discomfort. Strenuous physical activities may result in muscle stretches or strains. Wrist braces may be recommended in the above mentioned cases to provide compression, prevent further injury and reduce inflammation.

Along with wrist braces, anti-inflammatory and pain relief medications may be prescribed by your healthcare professional. Also physical therapy is required to regain function and mobility in the affected hand. At HPFY we have an entire range of wrist supports including the popular Ossur Form Fit Wrist Brace, Rolyan Neuro Positioning Splint Palm Protector, Bilt-Rite Lace-Up Black Wrist Support, The Carpal Solution Carpal Tunnel Wrist Support, and many others. We carry products from best manufacturers like North Coast Medical, Hely & Weber, BSN Medical etc. at best prices and attractive discount!

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