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Wheelchair users require a whole lot of accessories for making their wheelchair more comfortable and customized according to their needs. Wheelchairs accessories are designed to add utility to wheelchairs with standard features. At HPFY our priority is to look after your priorities. We have a whole lot of accessories for wheelchair that will make patients ride more comfortable and smooth. A range of products including wheelchair winter covers and rain covers, accessory bags, oxygen tank holders, anti-tippers, elevating leg rests, armrest pads, bags for transfer systems, trunk supports, foot boxes and much more.

What are the different types of Wheelchair Accessories?

Wheelchair Poncho

Wheelchair Ponchos protect wheelchair users from bad weather conditions outside (like Winter Wheelchair Poncho, wheelchair rain poncho). With them, they are not confined to home when it’s raining outside.

Wheechair Accessory bag

This wheelchair accessory bag helps to carry all your necessities like emergency medications, documents etc. along with users while they are out. 

Oxygen tank bags and stands

These can be attached to the back side of the wheelchair and conveniently hold oxygen cylinders for patient who require a continuous oxygen supply.

Wheelchair Legrest

Legrests of various kinds are available. These leg rests allow the patient’s legs to be positioned at a proper height. They have features like side flip for easy transfers and padding for added comfort. 


They are safety devices that prevents the wheelchair from tipping over accidentally. They come with or without wheels. 

Trunk supports

These are designed especially for patients with low upper body control. Their support keep the wheelchair users from leaning forward and helps in maintaining a proper sitting posture. 

Padded Foot boxes

They come with partition (to separate the legs) or without the partition (to keep legs together) for extra foot comfort. 

Where to buy Wheelchair Accessories Online?

Wheelchair accessories makes wheelchair more comfortable to use. HPFY Offers a wide range of high quality products such as Foot-rest, Wheelchair tray, Cup holder, Carry bag, Headrest from top manufacturers like Skil Care, Drive Medical, Therafin Corporation, The Comfort Company and many more at best prices and attractive discounts on HPFY!

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