Buy Best Diaper Disposal Systems


Diaper disposal systems are a great way to dump soiled diapers, washcloths, underpads, wipes etc. in a safe and hygienic way. Diaper pails are not absolutely necessary but they are very effective in combating the bad odor issues that originate from incontinence waste. Diaper disposal systems are specially designed to contain the formidable smell of soiled diapers. Diaper pails are an investment that lasts for years and works to maintain a pleasant and hygienic environment.

A special diaper pail offers significant odor containment as compared to a normal kitchen trash can. Some special systems are available that are designed with a mechanism that allows the insertion of used incontinence products inside the pail without letting the foul odor inside to exit. Diaper pails make it easy to change a full trash bag without releasing bad odors.

How to Empty Diaper Disposal System?

Follow these simple steps to unload the diaper disposable system:

  • Open the front door and pull out the empty cartridge

  • Place new refill liner over the cartridge

  • Find paper band and remove it, then pull the outer layer of refill up 18 inches

  • Push refill through center of the cartridge

  • Insert newly loaded cartridge back into the top of the can

  • Pull liner from bottom downward and tie the knot

Find here a range of diaper disposal systems that provide an eco-friendly and hands free way to dispose soiled diapers and other products. The Janibell Adult Incontinence Disposal System with a foot pedal allows for a hands free operation. Also we do have cost effective diaper disposal bags like Medi-Pak Ultra-Tuff Infectious Waste Bag, Heaven Scent Hygiene Bags that allow for safe disposal of Bio wastes and reduces the risk of leakages. Buy Diaper Disposal systems from top manufacturers in the industry like Janibell and McKesson at HPFY.