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Prevail Washcloths and Wipes

Incontinence washcloths and wipes provide a great sanitary solution to ensure skin wellness and protection. They form an integral part of incontinence care especially for those who are bed-bound or wheelchair-confined. They are gentle on the user’s skin and ensure soothing and hygienic cleansing. Keep clean and dry with our range of incontinence supplies from top brands like Prevail, Tena, Aloetouch, and many more. There are multiple options of washcloths and wipes to choose from. It is important to find the right product to receive sanitized protection of the skin from excessive dryness or moisture. The variety is large and therefore selection should be based on your personal criteria in terms of material, size and properties.

What are the types of Incontinence Washcloths and Adult Wipes?

Pre-Moistened Incontinence Washcloths and Wipes

Pre-moistened incontinence washcloths and wipes are available in a jar or soft pack with re-sealable lid or flap. They allow quick, easy cleaning and freshening up of fragile skin in cases where conventional washing-up cannot be done. The pre-moistened quality of the wipes make them skin-friendly and gentle and helps do away with traditional cleansing with soap and water. Our pre-moistened washcloths and wipes include varying features like alcohol free, latex free, rinse-free and enriched with chamomile, aloe vera, Vitamin E and lanolin to provide effective cleansing.

Dry Incontinence Wipes

Dry incontinence wipes are available in both disposable and flushable variety. They are eco-friendly and a good hygienic alternative to non-disposable cloth. Dry wipes are tough when cleaning but gentle on the skin.

Incontinence Adult Washcloths

Incontinence washcloths are gentle and effective on fragile skin. They offer infection control via thorough cleansing. Washcloths are made of strong fabric and may feature a quilted texture for complete cleaning, wicking urine quickly and locking moisture away from the skin. They provide a cost effective solution to overall wellness.

Hypo-Allergenic Washcloths and Adult Wipes

Hypo-allergenic washcloths and wipes There are incontinence washcloths and wipes for individuals who are prone to allergies and have sensitive skin. Hypo-allergenic wipes and washcloths are unscented and alcohol-free.

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How to choose the best Incontinence Wipes or Adult Washcloths?

Things to keep in mind when choosing suitable incontinence products include: 

  • Size: These are incontinence adult wipes but sizes will differ. If using on a large surface or for a heavy-duty adult, select a size that extends beyond the clean-up area. This will ensure the cleaning is effective, quick and non-messy. The cleansing wipes from Tranquility are pre-moistened cloth like adult size disposable wipes which allow quicker clean up.

  • Features: Incontinence washcloths and wipes are available in both variety– disposable and flushable. There are options in fragrances, too. Wipes and washcloths are scented, unscented or fragrance free. Unscented and fragrance-free items are ideal for those who have an allergy to smell or have sensitive skin. Unscented may have mild smell while fragrance free has no smell. The Prevail adult washcloths are unscented but enhanced with lotion for skin wellness.

  • Ingredients: Most of our wipes and washcloths are enriched with aloe vera, chamomile and Vitamin E which provide protection to delicate skin. Scented wipes from McKesson contain Vitamin E and aloe vera for maximum comfort. Alcohol is a drying agent and may cause skin irritation so alcohol-free wipes and washcloths are suitable for those with sensitive skin.

Shop from a wide range of incontinence washcloths and wipes offered by Health Products For You. We have pre-moistened and dry wipes, that come in disposable and refill packs. Top brands like Tena, Kendall, Prevail, Aloetouch, Attends and Kleenex ensure that your skin is safe from irritation and rashes. Stay fresh, sanitized and healthy with our versatile range.

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