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Buy Incontinence Supplies For Accurate Level of Protection Against Urine Leakage


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Incontinence products vary by absorbency, and using the right protection level can help you keep clean, comfortable, and leakage free. HPFY offers a huge collection of bowel and urinary incontinence products with varying degrees of absorbency for your unique needs. Scroll through the variety of adult incontinence products that we carry to deal with all levels of flow, starting from light to heavy. 

Buying Guide for Incontinence Products for Right Absorbency Levels 

There are many potential causes of faecal and urinary incontinence. It is important to talk to your doctor about your symptoms to determine what type of incontinence you have. Once you know that, it is not difficult to choose the right incontinence product for your needs. A vast number of products are available to help you manage the leakage and feel comfortable and confident at home and on the go. Following are the incontinence supplies for different incontinence protection levels: 

1. Light Incontinence Protection 

An occasional leak of a small amount of urine is known as light urinary incontinence. Women with stress incontinence or men with an enlarged prostate may experience light incontinence, and small drips occur after a laugh, cough, or exercise. Light pads and liners protect against light incontinence. 

Products like Medline FitRight Bladder Control Pads and Prevail Bladder Control Pads feature a discreet contoured design and are ideal for minor bladder leaks. People with stress incontinence can be worry-free with these products and enjoy an active lifestyle. 

2. Moderate Incontinence Protection 

People with moderate incontinence may have more urine loss than dribbling but not complete bladder loss; they empty urine gradually over time. Additionally, moderate incontinence can be due to urge incontinence, where the person has a sudden need to urinate. One can get protection from moderate incontinence with heavier bladder control pads, pull-up underwear, and adult diapers

At HPFY, we have a huge collection of moderate absorbency products for men and women from top brands like Prevail, Tena, Simplicity, and more. Abena Adult Brief is made from a soft and breathable material, which provides a high level of security and holds the pad in place. 

3. Heavy Incontinence Protection 

Heavy incontinence refers to complete loss of bladder control and large amounts of urine released throughout the day. Many medical conditions can contribute to heavy incontinence, from injuries to prostate problems. Heavy absorbency products can help absorb a lot of liquid quickly. A heavy brief with tabs or protective underwear can help combat heavy incontinence. Disposable and reusable underpads and booster pads also help provide heavy protection against leakages. 

Tena Stretch Briefs, Prevail Breezers Adult Briefs, and Wings Plus Quilted Adult Briefs are all designed for ultimate leakage protection and offer exceptional performance and comfort. 

4. Overnight Incontinence Protection  

Products for overnight absorbency are designed for extended wear and overnight protection for the heavy loss of urine at night. The overnight incontinence products have to absorb the full bladder loss of the user and keep them dry throughout the night. For overnight protection, one has to pick overnight adult diapers with tabs or pull-up underwear for maximum absorbency, comfort, and security. 

Medline Overnight Protective Underwear features an extended capacity core that provides more protection, dryness, and odor control, and the anti-leak guards provide maximum containment. 

5. Bowel Incontinence Protection 

Fecal incontinence can occur due to digestive tract disorders and chronic medical conditions such as multiple sclerosis, long-term diabetes, etc. With bowel control loss, individuals may not control stool until they reach the toilet; sometimes, people pass stool without knowing it. To manage fecal incontinence, the products need to be highly absorbent. Pull-on underwear and adult briefs with tabs are the primary products one needs to look for to deal with bowel incontinence. Medline Adult Briefs protect against bowel incontinence with a better fit and promote comfort and dignity. 

Where can I buy Absorbent Incontinence Supplies? 

Health Products For You offers a wide assortment of bowel and urinary incontinence products for different protection levels offering peace of mind to the wearer and improving quality of life. These highly absorbent incontinence products are from the industry leaders like Medline Industries, Cardinal Health, Attends Healthcare, etc., at an affordable price. You can opt for the auto-reorder program for the hassle-free delivery of incontinence supplies on time. Place your order today! 

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