Stockings Accessories

Your doctor may prescribe compression stockings to reduce pain and swelling in the legs and to promote the flow of blood. Compression stockings help in maintaining a uniform amount of pressure required for proper blood and lymph flow. These stockings may be prescribed due to health conditions like lymphedema, varicose veins etc. Along with compression stockings you might also need other products that make wearing and maintaining compression stockings easier. At HPFY we have a whole range of compression stockings accessories assorted for your convenience.

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Compression Stocking Accessories Available

These accessories include skin lotions, adhesive roll-ons, stocking liners, washing solutions, garter belts, foam pads, laundry bags and much more. Skin lotions make donning the stockings easier as compression stockings can sometimes be difficult to put on. Adhesive roll-ons help in keeping the stockings in their place all day long. Garter belts are good to thigh high stockings. With garter belts you need not use any adhesive on your skin. Stocking liners help in protecting ulcers or wounds on the skin from rubbing with the stocking fabric. Washing solutions help in keeping your stockings in good shape for a long period of time. Foam pads can be used under the stockings to reduce swelling in specific points. 

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