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Compression Stocking Accessories at HPFY

Fitting Lotions: Skin lotions make donning the stockings easier as compression stockings can sometimes be difficult to put on. Juzo Alps Fitting Skin Lotion is smooth and silky, which helps in applying compression garments and absorbs in the skin.

Adhesive Lotions: Adhesive lotions help keep the stockings in their place all day long. juzo Adhesive Roll-On Lotion helps in the comfortable fastening of compression stockings, compression sleeves, knee supports, and other knitted compression garments.

Garter Belts: Garter belt helps keep thigh high stockings stay up and stay in place. With garter belts, you need not use any adhesive on your skin. Try garter belts from BSN Medical, a great alternative to adhesive glues.

Compression Stocking Liners: Stocking liners help protect ulcers or wounds on the skin from rubbing with the stocking fabric. BSN Jobst UlcerCare Compression Stocking Liners provide mild compression and help hold a wound dressing in place.

Stocking Washing Solutions: Stocking washing solutions help keep stockings in good shape for a long period. Juzo Compression Garment Detergent is used as a laundry detergent and has a natural formula that helps maintain the life of compression garments.

Pressure Pads: Foam pads can be used under the stockings to increase the pressure in specific regions of the arm or leg to reduce swelling.

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