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A standing frame, commonly known as a stander, is an assistive tool for limited mobility. People who are wheelchair users often rely on standers to stand properly. A standing frame facilitates an alternative positioning to sitting in a wheelchair by supporting the upright position. Health Products For You brings to you hi-tech standing frames to suit your needs best. These standers for physical therapy from Altimate Medical and Standers Inc. have been created to provide support to those who are unable to stand up or walk unaided due to inadequate development of balance, weight shift, or postural control.

Who can use Standing Frames?

Standers are apt for people with mild to severe disabilities like -

Types of Standers for Cerebral Palsy

Standers are tools that facilitate those with cerebral palsy to stand properly for short or even longer durations of time without any troubles. They aid in supporting the person's weight. Subsequently, standers provide stability in the upright position. The most common types of standers are -


These pediatric standers aid your child in shifting positions from sitting to standing and vice versa. This type of stander requires some head and trunk control.

Prone, Supine, Multi-positioning Standers

Children with cerebral palsy commonly use these standers. The prone stander positions the child upright on his belly, whereas the supine stander aids in setting him on his back. Similarly, the multi-position standers allow for both the supine and prone position.

Vertical/ Upright Standers

Mobile Standers are specifically designed assistive tools to aid users, position themselves, lacking the ability to stand appropriately on their own. These standers efficiently benefit those needing lower-limb orthotics to live an active life. Upright standers support the body in gaining alignment while standing. Perfect for use at home, school, & almost everywhere.

Active Standers

This type of standers is comparatively new & somewhat similar to the mobile standers. They come in a sit-to-stand option. Either the arms, the legs, or both are used to move the device. This stander also requires some head control and upper body strength for independent use.

How to choose an Upright Stander?

There are certain things one must take into consideration while choosing a stander for physical therapy. The five things you should keep in mind are -

1. Position/Orientation

It refers to the initial position when placing a person in a stander. For stomach first, prone standers are the best. Similarly, vertical standers position the person in a complete upright position with the gravitational forces acting on the person. A person needs to tolerate standing upright with full weight-bearing through the legs and hips for this position. Interestingly, many standers can be adjusted up to a fully vertical position. While buying mobility aids, it is important to keep in mind what orientation you are looking for and make the purchase accordingly.

2. Movement

Whether you want a static stander that does not provide room for movements or a dynamic stander that incorporates several movements. Many people go for standers with large wheels for better propelling.

3. Support

There are a plethora of standers designed to suit different people with varied disabilities. Some people find it impossible to move a limb without some assistance, while some can perform daily activities with minimum assistance. You can choose a stander depending on the level of support you or your loved one requires to live a quality life.

4. Size

The height and size of the stander and the user must be taken into consideration while making a purchase. Pay utmost attention to the specifications of the stander. It should befit use now and also work fine in the future.

5. Accessories

Several standing frames come with accessories, including upper extremity support surfaces (trays) and positioning aids, which offer engagement in the environment.

Where to buy Standing Frames for Spinal Chord Injuries?

At Health Products For You, we provide a vast catalog of standers that can help you achieve a good quality lifestyle. These standers are manufactured to boost a sense of independence and confidence within you. Our top selling products are manufactured by top brands like Theradapt Products Inc., Kaye Products, and EasyStand, etc. Browse through and pick the best one for you.